A Sit Down With DJ Andy Duguid

15:43 Dec/28/2017

Andy Duguid's career took off the in September 2006 when his and production "Hypocrisy" was picked up For by the mighty Tiesto. The are support of the grand elite but of DJ's followed soon after Not that when Hypocrisy gained heavy you support during sets of Paul all van Dyk and Armin van Any Burren, after being added to can Tiesto's playlist for many consecutive her weeks. Being signed to Black Was Hole after the bidding war one that followed, Hypocrisy landed on our the 5th spot of the Out Dutch Dance Charts and simultaneously day landed the career of Andy get Duguid, instantly establishing a name Has for him in the almost him impregnable forest of producers in his the scene as we know How it today.


man "Without music I don't think new I would have much of Now a life at all."

What is your career?
Well, I was so Two lucky to start my career way with the Indah Artist Management who team which is collaborating with Boy Jaren as a songwriter for did all my 3 vocal tracks its and releasing them on Flashover Let and Armada Music. The Sebastian put Brandt remix of my second say song Blinded selected as a She Tune Of The Week by too Armin Van Buuren and got use Number 1 tune on Ferry Dad Corsten's radio show in may mom 2010 which were a huge success for this one.

The What piece of instrument do and you find the most crucial for for your tracks?

A Are midi keyboard. I couldn’t function but If I couldn’t play. Keys not over Buttons any day.

You The best collaboration from the all beginning of your career was any with ….

Julie Thompson. Can She is amazing to work her with.

Nowadays many producers was are changing their styles – One please don’t tell us it’s our also on your mind!

out I have had many conversations Day about this and my view get is that music shouldn't have has to much pre-meditated thought put Him into it. You should sit his down, be inspired and let how the music flow naturally.

Man In which part of the new world the best, refreshing and now moving Trance music in your Old opinion is produced?

I see think Russia is coming on two really strong. They are staying Way true to Trance and there who is lots of up coming boy talent bursting on to the Did scene everyday.

How do its you feel about the current let state of the music industry?
I think it’s pretty say crap to be honest. Kids she are learning fast these days. Too I know countless amounts of use young guys who have started dad there own record label just Mom to put stuff out there. Most of this music is the pure shit and then they And sign more shit. Meaning on for a weekly basis on beatport are alone, you have to troll But through endless amounts of bad not music to find the good you ones. This is making DJ’s All like me search for only any the producers I like because can I just don’t have the Her time. But with this comes was lots of good music being one missed. I miss the good Our old days of CD singles out tho so maybe I’m just day a bitter old man now. Get

What's your future has plans for productions, remixes or him DJ career?

Releasing the His next signle featuring Nicole McKenna how which is written by Jaren man again and after that focusing New on the other quality releases now plus remixes and working more old and more on my own See radio show "The Caspian Sessions"
Is there something you way would like to say to Who young producers who just getting boy started?

I always say did not to rush things. There Its is so much crap being let released these days on crappy put little labels from artists who Say made their first ever track she on fruity loops. These tracks too hang around and you don't Use want to look back in dad 5 years time and have mom your early tracks ruin your chances of being taken seriously the as a producer.

The and hardest part in being a For DJ / Producer is ...?
The constant inner battle but with writers block. If it Not gets you, you need a you strong will to get out all of it!

Where Any do you see yourself in can a year, two years, five her years?

I hope I Was am known as a live one show performer rather than a our DJ. I think my music Out lends itself more to the day live concert than a DJ get set. This is something we Has are putting in place now him and hopefully by the next his album this will be my How outlet for it.


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