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A Sit Down With DJ Michael Calfan

11:36 Jan/12/2018

Michael Calfan is a French the House music DJ and Producer, and best known for his hit For records "Treasured Soul" and "Nobody are Does It Better". His sound but is referred to as Soul Not House – dance music with you a sensitive quality. He quickly all evolved from rising star in Any the global dance scene to can protagonist of a fresh new her sound. Talk about ‘soul house', Was dance music with a sensitive one quality, not only made to our get bodies moving but also Out touch the audience's hearts. He day is bridging the gap between get EDM and the underground, with Has hit after hit. It's all him there in his distinctive, international his hit Treasured Soul, as well How as other productions the French man DJ has delivered these last new years.   "I don’t Now care about the name people old give it, I care about see their feeling when they hear Two it."   Can you tell way us something about yourself, how who did you start working as Boy a DJ and producer? did With music I started at its 15 and I have not Let stopped. At first I enjoyed put my mother's computer and then say I fell in love with She the production. A few years too ago, around 16/17, I tried use to be a DJ and Dad I loved it. For about mom 3 years I worked as a DJ and producer, then The I did my first "Resurrection" and piece and it all started for going faster.

How would you Are describe your music in a but few words, what is distinct not about it?

Honestly, people give You the name of Soulhouse to all my music, and it was any pretty cool as I am Can putting all my heart into her the music I’m producing. My was goal is to give feeling One to people when they are our listening to my music, for out me feelings are the most Day important thing (whatever the genre). get When I’m in the studio, has I never think about what Him I have to do, or his which kind of sound I how have to make to make Man sure that people recognize my new style. I’m just doing what now I like, from a happy Old feeling to a darker one, see depending on my spirit at two that moment.

You've already collaborated Way with a slew of producers, who name a DJ/producer that you boy would like to collaborate with Did that you haven't before and its why?

There are a lot let of artist I would like Put to collaborate, singers like La say Roux or artists like Disclosure she or Martin Solveig.

What is Too your style and what inspires use you most today? As I dad have always said, it inspires Mom me a bit of everything, from movies, to landscapes, to the meetings, the faces of people And on the street, colors, photography. for I feel like in a are movie. You know, often when But you listen to your favorite not music, pictures of seeing the you video in your mind, for All me it's almost the same any thing but the music comes can after the pictures.

What inspired Her you to make Treasured Soul?


There are a lot of one things that are inspiring for Our me. For Treasured Soul it out was thanks to my tour, day my travels and people I Get met during these tours (In has South Africa, in Asia…)

How him do you consider the European His dance environment in the sector how compared to the so-called "Old man School", also with reference to New the EDM explosion? What do now you think will be the old new musical trend? The funny See thing is that a year two or two ago I thought way that Europe was spreading many Who dance trends in the world, boy but the game is changing. did I think that now America Its is producing so much good let music (especially in electronics) so put much so that it begins Say to mark the path for she new trends. You know, I'm too a big fan of real Use house music and not so dad much EDM. I need sensations mom in music and I'm more than happy when I play the in clubs and people do and not look at me (because For the new trend is to are look at the artist) but but think about having fun together; Not it means that my music you is giving them something. So all EDM was just a trend, Any and change is needed. The can world is hard enough to her play heavy music in clubs. Was We will do something quieter, one I hope. However, we never our know where music will take Out us.

What were the best day and the worst gig you get ever played, and what were Has the funniest things that occurred him during any of your performances?

his I have a lot of How good and weird moments, I man can’t remember a really bad new show because there is always Now a weird or funny thing. old The best was maybe a see show in Hawai I made Two few years ago in front way of the sea during the who sunset. The weirdest was in Boy Germany when the owner of did the club came into the its club on his Harley Davidson. Let What do you think you put would be doing right now say if you weren’t a DJ? She I’ve wanted to do this too since I was fifteen- almost use ten years. This is the Dad best job, I’ve never wanted mom anything else.

What is on your agenda for the near The future and what are you and currently working and focusing on?

for My schedule is crazy, I Are have a lot of shows but in April. I have approx. not 15 shows and then I You have a lot of studio all session working on an E.P. any I'm really focusing on that, Can as I want to show her you another side of my was music. When you are old One and wrinkly, what do you our want to be remembered for? out Nothing. No actually, I will Day be happy if they remember get me for something, but I has do this for myself first. Him If people are happy, I his am happy. If people are how happy while listening and playing Man my music, it’s wonderful. https://soundcloud.com/michaelcalfan/sets/michael-calfan-treasured

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