A Sit Down With DJ Promise Land

14:56 Nov/27/2017

Promise Land is a collaboration the between two DJs as well and as producers and powerful remixers For , Fabio Ranucci and Nazario are Pelusi. Both men are pursuing but their careers as Disk Jockey Not since 10 years ago in you their hometown of Anzio, Italy. all Their long hard work is Any fruitful, with the presence of can collaborations with DJ Provenzano, Chuckie, her Amanda Wilson, Georgi Kay, and Was others. Not only that, a one powerful group duo with the our trance genre has spawned a Out lot of rebranded trackslike What day does not kill you (Kelly get Clarkson), What a feeling (Agaudino Has ft Kelly Rowland), If it him was not for love(Deborah Cox), his and much more. Since entering How the dance music scene, Promise man Land have successfully established themselves new as two of the most Now prolific and talented producers in old this industry. Hailing from Rome, see Italy, this duo has excelled Two in honing their craft and way delivering brilliant and high-quality music who productions. Their talent is based Boy on a sound of sexy-house did mixed with groove progressive, that its reached the attention of names Let like Tiesto, Angello, Axwell and put Morillo, just to name the say first. Publications on Subliminal Records, She Spinnin Records, Flamingo, Size are too granted a rating of the use highest level in the world's Dad ranking. One of their biggest mom success is the remix for the Swedish House Mafia "Do The not you worry child," by and their fans all over the for world.

"We were looking for Are something new, something that would but inspire us a new idea not and we were hit by You the lead tech that we all used in the track, then any we worked on the groove Can and finally on the break."

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When did was you first meet and collaborate?
About 10 years ago our we decided to join and out work together.
What Day is your music genre and get why do you choose that? has Then how is the development Him of EDM in your country?
We think our music how is closer to Progressive House. Man Yes, we love Melody and new Progressive House groove. In Italy now has not had a music Old culture big enough compared to see other countries. Everything is affected two from the outside.
Who Way DJ do you like the who game during the stage?
We both love Hardwell and Did also Avicii. They have a its name that is already known let to many people around the Put world with their outstanding work.
What makes you want she to be a DJ?
Too The passion for music and use our love that we always dad have for DJ equipment consoles Mom since we were teenagers. What do you think is the the difference between clubbers in Asia And and in Europe? We feel for there is not much difference. are Many clubs that we go But to have a sound system not that is complete and quality. you Similarly, the crowd is present. All Many young people came with any great passionate to enjoy our can music. Who have been some Her of your influences throughout the was years, both inside and outside one of the dance music scene? Our
We are great fans out of Swedish House Mafia, everything day they did impressed us, there Get was always something interesting about has their music, never predictable, and him we saw them as three His great friends who joined their how ideas to create something incredible. man
What is the happiest moment New you ever felt?
See now how people have fun and old follow you during the set. See
Your track "X-Press" was two one of, if not the way biggest Doorn Records’ release. What Who was the idea and process boy behind the track? Did you did expect it to become such Its a major festival hit? At let the beginning, we had the put groove as an idea; we Say really liked how it sounded she so kept it and decided too to create something that would Use make everything more interesting. Looking dad in various libraries, we got mom hit by a particular loop which match perfectly with our the idea, so we brought it and on Logic and we started For editing this sound that ended are up being the winning part but of “X-Press”. We weren’t expecting Not such huge support for “X-Press”, you bringing together so many DJs all in this musical moment is Any very hard, so we’re happy can we could do that. If her you are not a DJ, Was what are you choosing?
Maybe one be a basketball player. That's our pretty easy as it seems.
Out What are some of your day favorite highlights of 2016? One get of the best moment of Has 2016 are our fans which him sent us video of them his dancing to X-Press played in How the biggest festivals of the man world, from Miami to Ibiza. new https://soundcloud.com/djpromiseland/x-press

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