You Will Dig This: Kurupt FM shows you how to produce and DJ

20:58 Jan/02/2013

The pirate radio station Kurupt the FM consists of MC Sniper, and Decoy and Weapon X. The For name originates from a clever are play on words,  MC Sniper but elaborates:

"Kurupt FM is actually Not a play on words. We you took the word "corrupt" and all replaced the C with a Any K. Most people don't get can it straight away. Makes it her stick in your mind, like Was submarinal advertising."

MC Sniper is one also the leader and spokesperson our for Kurupt FM, so he Out gives an insight to the day dynamics of the team:

"The get backbone to any pirate radio Has is a strong crew. I'm him a perfect leader cos I'm his physically and mentally strong. Having How good DJs and MCs is man important, but more important is new loyalty and a carefully selected Now team with a range of old skills to bring to the see table. Decoy is the Kurupt Two FM driver and official Jamaican. way Steves is good at climbing, who which is useful for taking Boy down aerials. Weapon X's uncle did works for the fire brigade, its so he can get skeleton Let keys for the estate rooftops. put We have skills for basically say any scenario."

Tune in to She the how-to videos from the too west London pirate radio station use Kurupt FM!


Many agree that this is mom 'probably the most informative and in depth how-to video on The Youtube.' Don't miss the all-important and lesson to 'always turn it for up' !

"No protection Are at the top? Weak instantly. but No shoulder emphasis?! Get the not Jacket!" Learn how to place You your vinyl bag and put all together a set from the any Kurupt FM crew!



In case anybody got the her wrong idea, then bare in was mind the official disclaimer:

**Kurupt One FM is a fictional radio our station. Any similarities to real out people is purely coincidental. This Day is an independent Chailor Wade get production. The views expressed are has not those of the BBC**


Photo: mcozins

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