A Sit Down With DJ Jay Lumen

13:24 Oct/26/2017

Globetrotting DJ & producer Jay the Lumen has been stirring up and attention for the last 10 For years as a hugely sought are after techno character.

Techno but giant Jay is without a Not doubt one of the most you sought after DJs in the all world. His productions have been Any making their way onto every can major DJs playlist since time her immemorial. As a producer, he Was has had 11 Beatport #1s, one and 27 Top 10s. He our has released on some of Out the most renowned labels in day the world such as Drumcode, get Saved, OFF Recordings, Octopus Records, Has and 100% Pure.

How did you get his into DJing? Who also inspired How you to start producing?

man It began when I was new child. I first studied music Now for eight years in a old special music school, so I see was sure that I would Two do something in the music way scene. I was singing in who the chorus and also learning Boy to play violin so my did whole life was around music, its but it was also my Let hobby just like now. That's put why I was listening to say all kind of music everyday. She I was an 'everything eater' too and it's the same today use as a music fan. But Dad I loved the first dusty mom old school techno and house sounds from '80s. It was The the real explosion for electronic and music I think with lots for of experimental sounds. I tried Are to find as many sounds but like that as possible. After not a point I was sure You this will be the sound all for me as well and any then I realised that I Can wanted to be a DJ. her So today I've realised my was childhood dreams.

How do One you create music?

Technically, our the first step is to out write down the idea. Sometimes Day I remember the ideas for get months, but other times I has forget them in an hour, Him so the safest thing to his do is write them down how as soon as possible—for example, Man if it’s a main melody, new I play it out loud now to keep it in my Old mind. But sometimes I only see have the feeling of a two tune; in this case, I Way build it up from the who kicks, percussion, and bassline grooves. boy My sound is very groove-oriented, Did so I always try to its insert my signature shaking sprays. let Once I have them, I Put just add some essential FX, say small cuts, or other FX she samples that I made to Too add a special and different use character to the track. Finally, dad I add the main theme Mom or the main melody if I had this kind of the idea when I started the And tune.

What about your for top three records of the are moment?

1*KNTRL - Stay But (Luca Agnelli Remix)

2*Cosmin not TRG - In Your Body
3* Martin Buttrich & All Loco Dice - Damn U any Made It

Where do can you draw your inspiration from Her for your tracks, and what was does the process look like one for you when you are Our writing them?

I am out travelling around the world a day lot, and I always get Get some new insights and feedback has from people, feelings from parties, him places, cultures, etc. The whole His point of it is that how I keep asking myself how man I can find a way New to make a new sound. now For example, I am travelling old somewhere in a completely different See part of the globe and two I get an idea for way a melody, after which I Who fly back home and start boy to work on it.


"DJ needs to Its lead the people but has let to also be very interactive put to feel the resonance of Say the venue, crowd and the she night overall... you need to too breathe together with the people".


What have been dad the greatest challenges in your mom career?

The greatest challenge is to find the the balance between your career and and private life. When you travel For 52 weeks a year it's are not very easy. My DJ but life is my dream so Not I don't feel it a you challenge.

Is there someone all you would like to collaborate Any with that you have not can yet had the opportunity to?
I have some nice Was collaborations planned for this year. one Last year I had collaboration our with Green Velvet, and with Out some other guys. Now, for day this year I have more get plans with Green Velvet as Has the last tune we made him was a big hit for his us. So, I am hoping How the next one will be man a big one as well. new It is not so easy Now to find the studio time old to make tunes together with see others, but I will do Two my best to find the way time.

How do who you manage to produce so Boy many tracks and keep a did steady tour schedule?

I its just do one release around Let every one and a half put months. I don’t think it say is too much, but in She the weekdays I am normally too in my studio. I try use to keep my balance between Dad the studio work and the mom gigs. I make time to make cool new sounds and The I try my best to and work consistently.

What’s your for favourite city to play in Are and why?

A but very difficult question. I can’t not choose just one. I love You Buenos Aires, London, Madrid, Berlin, all Helsinki, Barcelona, many, many cities. any They have different moods and Can different people but we are her all connected by music.

was When you aren’t performing, where One is your favourite super-club to our go to in Ibiza?

out Well, I was going to Day many clubs including Privilege and get Space. I don’t know which has one is better but I Him like Space if you are his talking about the big clubs how but on the other hand Man I like Privilege because you new have a lot of space now if you check look out Old the window in the Vista see Club, it is so beautiful. two Also, on the other hand, Way Sankeys is also really cool who because of the whole family boy atmosphere.

How do you Did feel about the expansion of its Electronic Music into the Mainstream?
I think it is Put a good thing for everybody. say So many DJs say that she the action is going towards Too the mainstream ‘shitty music,’ but use I don’t believe that. The dad mainstream is for the younger Mom generations, which turn to the underground later when they get the older. It is a great And first gate for people to for learn and practice for the are underground. The underground is growing But up so fast around the not world, and it keeps getting you bigger with much better parties. All So, it is a very any cool thing.

What made can you decide to kick start Her your own label, Footwork?

was Well I'm very happy that one I had the chance to Our release on this great labels out like Adam Beyer's Drumcode, Nic day Fanciulli's Saved, Green Velvet's Relief Get or Octopus Records. But I has always had a plan to him start my own label. It's His like a new baby. I how just tried creating the sound man of it. Manage it for New the future, find the path. now So it's a new challenge old for me. Also it's another See way that I can show two a little part of my way own world to the people. Who Footwork is going very well boy luckily so I'm very happy.
Is there any advice Its you can give to emerging let artists?

Nowadays it is put not so easy to start Say a career, as so many she people with so many ideas too want to be a DJ. Use The main advice is, if dad you love the music just mom try to really show your true original self to people. the Do not copy the sounds and of somebody else, do your For own thing and try to are find your own way. That but way you will be happy Not and if you like your you music the people will like all your music as well.

Any https://soundcloud.com/jay-lumen-official

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