A Sit Down With DJ David Morales

14:07 Oct/25/2017

A DJ since the 1980s, the David's famous Red Zone residency and in the early 90s saw For him, uniquely at the time, are mix American and UK dance but music together and inspired the Not moniker for much of his you dub mix work. His Red all Zone mixes became a must Any check for house music DJs can the world over, as successful her an underground alternative to his Was main vocal remixes. He also one established other production aliases including our The Face, who scored a Out global hit with 'Needin U' day in 1998 and Moca who get released 'Higher' in 2000. Internationally Has acclaimed Grammy-winning American house music him DJ and producer David Morales his is one of the most How prolific remixers of all time. man He's worked on remixes for new some of the biggest names Now in music such as, Madonna, old Kylie Minogue, Whitney Houston, Pet see Shop Boys, Michael Jackson, Janet Two Jackson, U2, Luther Vandross, Aretha way Franklin, Diana Ross, Jocelyn Brown, who CeCe Rogers, the Spice Girls, Boy and Mariah Carey.  

did "I’m not here to judge its the music. I’m here to Let judge and to give opinion put to the DJ".

  What say did you start DJing, or She producing with? I started DJing too when I was 13. 40 use years ago. And there was Dad no DJ culture at the mom time. It was just about the love for music and The being the selector. I started and editing my own mashups in for 1985. I also bought my Are first drum machine and keyboard but in 1985. My first tools not for making music were an You Alesis drum machine and sequencer. all

How do you personally any feel about the advancements in Can technology, consumption and trends that her seem to push dance music was forward?

There are positives One and negatives. I love the our involvement of the technology. But out it’s lost some of the Day basics that are essential, like get the quality of sound for has one. I mean you’re talking Him mp3 files compared to vinyl his or even cd quality. People how don’t have to know how Man to sync to mix anymore. new And everyone thinks right off now the back that they’re a Old producer. There was a joy see in going to the record two stores and meeting up with Way other DJ’s to buy music. who There was more of a boy social network with DJ’s. The Did house music scene has gone its mainstream. I think that’s great let really. It’s been a long Put time coming. Some feel the say art of DJing is quite she different. Do you have any Too thoughts on this? It is use a lot different today. I dad mean obviously with vinyl you Mom have to know how to beat match which is the the biggest thing. And it was And about real mixing and layering for records on top of each are other. Even playing on CDJs But was ok because there was not a similarity with vinyl. Playing you with computers and the new All software that's out there is any very interesting. I played on can Traktor for a few years Her and I must say that was I really enjoyed playing with one its 4 decks, looping and Our effects. But it was more out from a producer’s point that day I loved it, because I Get was able to create new has things on the fly, that him I could never do on His vinyl, ever. Ableton is also how playing more from a producer’s man point. It's like having tons New of stems and creating. But now you have to do a old lot of preparation. Whereas with See vinyl, you just skimmed through two record covers. Also the whole way sync thing has made it Who easy for people to DJ. boy What would you tell us did about the recent expressions of Its dance music in the electronic let landscape, even in comparison with put the previous dynamics of the Say '90s? Music has gone she through many evolutions over the too years thanks to technology. Today Use there are many styles. You dad can experience a lot and mom people are very open to all this. I've never been the following the trends. I think and a Dj should have its For own style. That may mean are that. I believe in good but music. And that means any Not style. A good piece is you a good piece. Today's djs all are especially fond of a Any single style. Some djs play can with styles that they do her not like but do it Was just to be able to one work. Dj's world has become our something different. It is a Out much more popular culture today. day DJs have become rock stars. get It's amazing how in 40 Has years I've been able to him see how everything has evolved. his Today we even have a How TV show that is dedicated man to the Dj.

Which new of your remixes are you Now most proud of and why?


The ones that definitely stand see out for me are; 'Finally' Two by CeCe Peniston, where I way sampled the drums from 'Let who No Man Put Asunder' by Boy First Choice and had Satoshie did Tomiie play keyboards. 'Dream Lover' its by Mariah Carey, which was Let the first time that an put artist re-sang the song in say a whole different style and She key. It was the first too time that I submitted a use new original track from scratch.


'Mr. Loverman' by Shabba Ranks. mom 'Mr. Loverman' was a dancehall record. I totally changed the The arrangement of that song. Besides and adding some hip hop drums for and again arranging new music Are I added a sample of but Maxi Priest from a different not Shabba Ranks song that I You had mixed called 'House Call', all I rearranged vocals and created any a new chorus which made Can them end up changing the her title of the song to was 'Mr. Loverman'.

'Space Cowboy' One by Jamiroquai, where I sped our up the track and totally out rearranged the vocals to create Day a structured song, because the get original was really a jam has session. What’s funny is that Him JK hated it. 'Dirty Cash' his by Stevie V. The record how company was ready to dump Man the record but because it new was such a big record now for me at the Red Old Zone I asked the record see company to let me remix two it. The song went on Way to be #2 on the who pop charts.

And of course boy 'Where Love Lives' by Alison Did Limerick. That was mine and its Frankie Knuckles first big record let that we mixed together. All Put of these songs went on say to become big pop hits she and sell millions of records. Too So in hindsight I made use a lot of people rich.

dad When on tour and traveling Mom do you have any mobile “studio” tools with you to the work on ideas or sketch And ideas? Yes, I always for travel with Ableton Live and are a portable MIDI keyboard. I'm But always in studio mode. ???????? ?? ??????? photo dj david morales not

How had the music changed you you were playing then?

At All that time the only thing any I knew was commercial music, can so the music I bought Her was the music you heard was on the radio. I bought one it at a record store. Our And I played once for out somebody’s party, it was a day surprise party for someone and Get there were some older people has that used to go to him a club called The Loft His that was owned by David how Mancuso. And I think I man was about 18 years old. New And somebody bought me like now a stack of records of old what they called Loft records See and it was records they two weren’t only playing at The way Loft, they were playing them Who at the Paradise Garage, but boy I never went to any did because they were both membership Its clubs. So when I first let heard these different records, I put was like “Whoa, what is Say this sound?” They were a she lot of imports, none of too those records you heard on Use the radio. So of course dad I wanted to know where mom to buy these records. I used to go to commercial the record stores. There was Rock and and Soul, there was Downtown For records, and Vinyl Mania had are these Garage and Loft classics. but And some of them were Not very expensive, 25 to 50 you dollars or more and at all that time a 12? was Any two or three dollars. So can for me these old collector her records and imports were really Was expensive.

Who in your one opinion are the Princes Of our House and which royal title Out would Frankie Knuckles hold were day he still with us?

For get me there are many kings Has in the house music scene. him We’re just three out of his many that have represented house How music. There are many princes man out there. I like Teddy new Douglas, DJ Spen, Joey Negro Now to name a few. It’s old hard to remember when you’re see put on the spot. As Two far as Frankie Knuckles…… HE way IS THE GOD OF HOUSE who MUSIC!

What is your relationship Boy with your fans? I'm did always kind and grateful to its my fans. Without them you Let are none. We were not put born superstars already. They are say your fans that allow you She to become one. Do you too still have a club-residency in use New York? It is a Dad waste of my time. You mom can't do things that you want. There is no crowd The that appreciates and you gotta and have a promoter that Really for wants to do that thing, Are wants to promote parties with but good music. It's all about not the promoter. What tips would You you give to emerging DJs all and producers hoping to follow any in your footsteps? Have passion Can for music first and foremost. her This way you're always happy was and never disappointed if you One don't make it as a our successful DJ. Whatever that means out to someone. Also as a Day producer never force yourself to get make music. If you feel has it go for it, and Him if you don't then go his and watch a movie. I how heard you and Todd Terry Man are the most expensive House-DJs... new I don't believe this. I'm now expensive, but I'm not more Old expensive than other Djs, like see Louie Vega or Frankie Knuckles. two Me and Frankie, we have Way the same price. Louie has who the same price. Roger Sanchez boy has the same price. Todd Did Charges more than all of its us, but Todd doesn't go let around a lot. Todd is Put like: "Well, I don't wanna say go nowhere", so people pay she him more to come. They Too wanted me to play in use Turkey and I didn't want dad to go, so I said: Mom "You give me $ 20.000 and I'll play", thinking that the they wouldn't pay this much, And but they called later and for said, that it's ok. I are was thinking that now I But had to go there and not play. I guess, I am you one of the highest paid All Djs in the world, one any of. https://soundcloud.com/davidmorales/sets/david-morales-pres-brooklyn

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