A Sit Down With DJ Zaxx

08:41 Oct/17/2017

Greg Zaccagnino, better known simply the as Zaxx, is the latest and rising star in the electronic For music scene. In a very are short time he has transformed but from bedroom producer who was Not looking to create a track you people would hear around the all world, to a DJ who Any has taken the electronic music can community by storm. Gaining massive her support from the likes of Was Tiesto, Hardwell, Afrojack and Tritonal, one it is no surprise that our he has sure taken the Out right track to attaining his day goals. I first heard of get Zaxx after he remixed The Has Chainsmokers‘ hit track “Roses”, and him was blown away by the his track. He didn’t stop there, How as has also remixed other man tracks from artists ranging from new Sander Van Doorn to Alice Now Deejay and Seven Lions to old W&W.

Zaxx maybe see young, but he has quickly Two built up a sizable fanbase way and has already played in who front of a sea of Boy dancing feet and bobbing heads. did It is clear he is its driven and motivated by one Let simple truth, his genuine love put for music. It is perhaps say the most important characteristic of She any musical artist, especially a too DJ whose job description requires use them to find, curate and Dad share the best tracks the mom world has to offer. He is unfazed by the status The quo, and let’s his passion and for music lead him in for everything he does.


"Don't release anything until you're but ready. Success won't happen overnight not and never give up".


Please introduce all and tell us a bit any about yourself?

My name Can is Greg Zaccagnino, people usually her assume my first name is was Zach because of my DJ One name, but I’m just a our 17-year-old kid from Staten Island, out NY who loves making music.
How do you write get your tracks?

If I’m has making a new song or Him starting up a new track, his I always start with the how chord progression or the melody. Man I’ll mess with a bass new line then think of notes now that can complement it. I Old usually go from there. I see focus on the melodies, then two I go to the kicks Way and all the drums.

who Which music aspect is most boy important to you in your Did live sets or live production?
In my live sets let I like to make people Put feel like they’re in some say kind of nostalgic euphoria, which she is why I play a Too lot of classic remixes, most use of which I’ve made myself. dad There’s just no better joy Mom than hearing a song you really love live.

Which the artists in the music scene And do you learn from or for enjoy watching when you play are big events?

I’ve learned But a lot from artists that not aren’t even in the dance you scene and a lot from All some that are. One important any thing I’ve learned from watching can these guys is that the Her key to being successful and was being happy is to do one this for yourself- to make Our the music you love and out be happy doing it.

day You’ve been making music in Get an array of genres, from has festival trap to house, what’s him your favorite to make?

His I like to make how everything. That’s why when I man make a track, I’ll have New one drop different, then another now drop different. So I always old try to incorporate shit. Now See in all my new music, two it’s all like nothing you’ve way ever heard.

As a Who DJ you always have to boy have the dopest tracks. How did do you find them?

Its What I do is I let go on SoundCloud. I follow put a handful of artists that Say I really like and check she out what they’re doing. Then too there’s the bigger artists that Use I like and see what dad they’re doing as well. I mom see what they ‘liked’ or ‘favorited’ and I’ll just peek the through it. The point was and so the people went “This For song is so good, but are I can probably only hear but it here. It must be Not an exclusive song, I wish you I knew what it was all because it’s sick!”

Any So you’ve basically grown up can with the EDM genre, music her influences, EDM wise, non-EDM wise, Was who do you listen to? one

My main influences our are definitely, in EDM is Out Martin Garrix, he was one day of the first dudes to get support me as well. We Has started chilling, and whenever he’s him in New York I always his hangout with him, and he How just gives me great advice. man I dunno, non-EDM I listen new to everything, classic rock, everything. Now It obviously varies, but Led old Zeppelin, Aerosmith.

Who are see your biggest musical inspirations and Two why?

My biggest musical way inspirations have to be the who Smashing Pumpkins, they have a Boy very distinct sound and made did unique music since they first its began and it landed them Let as being one of the put most popular bands in the say last 20 years. I’m inspired She by any artist who can too be original, fresh and still use sound good.

If you Dad could play one festival in mom the world, what would it be and why?

Either The Ultra or Tomorrowland for sure and because I feel like they’re for the two most groundbreaking festivals.
Do you have any but advice for other DJ?

not My greatest advice is to You honestly never give up or all get discouraged. There are millions any of kids who want to Can be the next big artist her and that’s why this game was is so difficult. If you One don’t worry about shows, don’t our worry about the other nonsense, out and just focus on your Day MUSIC, I promise you will get see results.


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