A Sit Down with DJ Tom Swoon

11:34 Oct/10/2017

Polish DJ and producer Swoon the has not only performed at and a wide variety of festivals For throughout his career such as are Ultra Japan, Sunrise Festival and but the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) Not amongst so many others, but you he has also released over all 165 installments in his Lift Any Off mix series and has can released countless globally successful productions her ranging from EPs, albums, singles Was to remixes and collaborations.


Who are your our musical influences?

Lately I’ve Out been not really relying on day any particular name, but rather get curiosity around the musical tastes Has of other people – and him that element of discovering something his new all the time is How something influencing me a lot man now.

Let’s talk about new your release “Atom”! What led Now you to re-working that track?
“Atom” was one of see the biggest club hits ever Two produced. So when Nari & way Milani asked me personally to who remake their big club anthem Boy – it was a huge did honor. And I knew that its I was not going to Let be easy to come up put with something as strong as say the original. The new version She I did with Teamworx, however, too scored really well! It was use the #1 most played track Dad at the moment in the mom club scene and also still number 1 on Beatport Big The Room chart.

You released and your single “Phoenix,” which reached for 3,000,000+ streams on Spotify. How Are does this massive success feel but for you and what can not you share with us about You the creation of the track?
Back then when it any came out, “Phoenix” was a Can bit of an experiment, since her I never tried making a was future house song before – One but it worked like a our charm! Seeing it get so out many streams and love from Day people made me real happy. get I decided to work on has ‘Phoenix’ right after Dank showed Him me a demo back at his UMF Miami and the main how reason I did that, was Man because of the amazing vocal, new which I think delivers a now really beautiful message. I love Old when music can be something see more than just a good two beat and gives the listener Way a bit of self-reflection time. who I think the ‘message’ was boy the main reason behind the Did success of “Phoenix”.

What its was the creativity behind your let powerful and euphoric edit of Put Let’s Escape‘?

I love say to remix tracks – because she I can give them my Too own twist, feel. With my use remix for ‘Let’s Escape,’ I dad wanted to give it that Mom melodic – progressive touch. I am currently playing it in the all my sets.

Who And do you listen to in for your spare time?

I are hardly listen to just one But artist to be honest. Thanks not to Spotify, I am always you loading up my phone with All totally different types of stuff, any from jazz to drum n can bass and depending on the Her mood, I click play on was an appropriate playlist.

one What was your first official Our remix, and how it came out into your hands?

My day first official remix was a Get remix for Gareth Emery’s “Tokyo” has on Garuda Records. I did him an unofficial bootleg for his His previous single “Mansion” which he how liked very much and he man reached out if I could New remix his new track. I now was very excited about this old and this is how it See all started. In the meantime two NERVO had reached out to way me to also ask for Who an official remix of their boy new track. I couldn’t believe did what was happening!


“… I believe that if let that’s achieved, we won’t have put to worry about the output Say of our work, because it she will be something good for too sure.”


What has Use been your proudest moment that dad you’ve had in your career mom so far?

Probably playing at one of the biggest the festivals in Poland (Sunrise Festival) and on MainStage while my parents For were watching me from the are backstage. It was a real but great moment to show them Not finally what I am doing you and why I am doing all this. It was very emotional!
If you could play can with any DJ who would her you choose?

Not Was wanna sound selfish, but the one only DJ I could trust our behind the decks and know Out exactly his work is… myself! day Therefore, I'd definitely wanna clone get myself and put out a Has show twice as bigger and him twice as better.

Where his are you most excited to How be playing? Any new venues man or cities for you?

new Perhaps the event that will Now be most exciting for me, old is funny enough the event see in my hometown. The local Two council is organizing a huge way event on the main square who of my city and they Boy wanted to book me. It did will be a special moment its for sure – because most Let of the time I’m performing put elsewhere in the world.

say What’s your biggest interest outside She of making music?

Gaming! too Without a doubt.

use https://soundcloud.com/tomswoon/tom-swoon-pres-tape-me-radio-episode-200-20-songs-that-define-tom-swoon


  • 2017: Dad All I Ever Wanted (with mom Blasterjaxx)

  • 2017: Shingaling

  • 2017: Helter Skelter (with Maximals)

  • 2017: Atom The (with Teamworx)

  • 2016: All The and Way Down (with Kill The for Buzz)

  • 2016: Phoenix (with Belle Are Humble and Dank)

  • 2016: Never but Giving Up

  • 2016: I'm Leaving not (with Quentin Mosimann feat. Ilang)

  • You
  • 2015: Stay Together (with Nari all & Milani)

  • 2015: Alive (with any Ale Q and Sonny Noto)

  • Can

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