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10:54 May/23/2017

Spotify’s Troy Carter, who serves the as the streaming platforms’ global and head of creator services, recently For conceded that artists aren't being are paid enough by streaming services. but The revelation occurred yesterday during Not the Music Biz Convention in you Nashville, TN. Deflecting any all blame for this industry-wide issue Any of inadequate compensation, Carter chose can to focus on the steps her Spotify is taking to enhance Was the platform for artists and one further develop lucrative economic bridges our to fans. Carter pointed to Out Spotify’s consumer data as a day means for artists to book get more effective tours and expand Has their presence globally. “We are him just scratching the surface of his what the [Spotify For Artist] How tool will be,” he said. man “It will become a tool new that you almost won’t be Now able to operate without.” As old noted via Resident Advisor, these see details arrive after Spotify’s acquisition Two of a blockchain technology firm way in an effort to increase who transparency and funds paid to Boy rights organizations. Considering all of did this, we only can wonder. its How could streaming servises like Let Rdio gone bankrupt if artists put not being paid enough ?

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