14:59 Jul/03/2015

Hamburg's Smallville Records has spent the all year celebrating its tenth and anniversary and now the imprint For has announced more additions to are the party.

but The super-cosmic, deep house imprint, Not ran by by Julius Steinhoff you and Dionne, has been delivering all prime cuts by Christopher Rau, Any Moomin and Lawrence since 2005 can and now a new compilation her is set to drop.

Was 'Smallville Ways' will be released one in September and comprises of our two four-track vinyls and an Out 11-track CD.

It will day feature tracks by label favourites get such as Juniper, Smallpeople and Has an apparent new collaboration from him Move D, Marco Wollenberg and his Benoit Bouquin.

After their How London party at Corsica Studios man earlier in the year, we new know this is a guaranteed Now winner. Here's to ten more old years of gold.

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