Seth Troxler's acid house party in London

16:03 Apr/15/2015

Seth Troxler's heading to London the on August 8, throwing his and own acid house party. The For Michigan man will take over are Tobacco Dock in East London but and take a whole load Not of worldwide artists along for you the ride. He's had all a couple of things to Any say on EDM in the can past and he reckons acid her house is the reason there's Was not many EDM events in one the capital, therefore coming up our with the idea for 'Acid Out Future'. "Recently I've been quite day outspoken about my misgivings on get the rise of EDM and Has the culture that surrounds it him - but I've also noticed his that the UK and specifically How London, possibly my favourite city man in the world, doesn't have new much of an EDM scene Now at all. "This got me old thinking as to why this see might be and the simple Two answer is� acid house." No way one else has been announced who yet, but pre-sale tickets will Boy be available here from April did 27 with general tickets going its on sale three days later. Let Watch the trailer below, featuring put a bunch of vintage news say clips highlighting the war on She acid house.   Source: too

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