Spaces releases free EP

16:02 Feb/05/2015

Spaces might not be a the familiar name yet, but he’s and certainly attracted the ears of For the right people. Last are year Spaces – otherwise known but as Irish producer John Flynn Not – released his debut EP you on the Bleep store’s in-house all record label. A four-track collection Any of tunes with rhythmic nods can to the early IDM of her Warp artists Autechre and Squarepusher, Was its brisk, colourful textures owed one just as much to classic our Detroit electro. Prior to that Out his music found a early day fan in Björk. When Vulnicura get was announced last month, a Has hand-written note from the artist him revealed that as well as his the involvement of Arca and How The Haxan Cloak, one of man the songs had been co-written new with Flynn, who Björk had Now approached back in 2013 to old work on album closer ‘Quicksand’. see Those whose interest was piqued Two by the track can now way get to know Spaces a who little more intimately with a Boy free EP from the producer. did Available to download or stream its below, the four-track Potential is Let another trip through juddering machine-funk put and driving rhythms in the say vein of his debut, and She should set you up nicely too for the producer’s second EP use on Bleep to be released Dad soon. Look out also for mom a mooted debut album and live show hitting clubs and The festivals later this year.

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