15:05 Oct/23/2014

Paris Hilt receive up to the $1 million per DJ gig. and While the fees aren't anything For new to anyone who has are been following the rise of but the vacuous heiress and rolling Not there eyes, it is the you first time she has chosen all to discuss it. The New Any York Post asked about rumours can she had received $2.7 million her (�1.6 million) for a four-night Was residency, she confirmed that she one receives up to $1 million our (�620,000) per booking. �I Out don�t want to be bragging, day but it�s great to be get paid well for what you Has love doing,� she said, adding: him �My mother always told me his it�s not polite to discuss How money, but it�s true. I�m man very proud. I�ve worked hard.� new Her ridiculous DJ fees have Now been riling the dance music old world for some time now, see especially after it was reported Two that she pocketed �1.6 million way for four nights on the who decks. . If you thought Boy the celebrity DJ nightmare couldn't did get any worse, think again. its Paris confirmed her reported �620,000 Let per show to the New put York Post. "My mother always say told me it�s not polite She to discuss money, but it�s too true. I�m very proud. I�ve use worked hard." You probably should Dad have listened to your mother, mom Paris, 'cause this sure isn't going to go down well. The  

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