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00:00 Nov/30/1999

You might’ve heard about Tiësto teaming up with AKG in the production of the “AKG by TIËSTO” headphones range. There’s certainly a profit to be made by both parties involved. AKG probably doesn’t mind their brand and products being promoted by Tiësto, who’s got 12,8 million fans on Facebook and over 1,3 million followers on Twitter. Running the label Musical Freedom and doing over 250 shows a year maked Tiësto easily one of the most influential DJ figures of the present time.

The official information at the AKG page introduces the range as follows:

The “AKG by TIËSTO” headphones range features tuning and styling directed by legendary DJ and producer TIËSTO. Comprising three high-performance professional-grade headphones, the TIËSTO Series will appeal to a broad range of end users, from studio engineers, to artists, fans and TIËSTO himself - whether in the studio, at a show or on the go. 

“AKG is rooted in the passion for music at the same time as having a unique eye for design and style,” says Tiësto. “Together we’ve created a line of headphones that are perfect for those who want the best quality of sound, but don’t wish to compromise on style, whether you’re looking to mix in the studio, perform live or even listen when you’re on the move.”

So now that we’ve gotten the formal part out of the way, get ready for a hot video! This one’s especially made for the celebration of the launch of AKG by Tiësto. You just have a feeling those headphones are going to be widely discussed. Maybe, just maybe - it has something to do with the fact that the promo-video features Melanie Iglesias partying at pool parties and festivals with the hottest bikinis and changing the little pieces of cloth at a headspinning rate. Can’t go wrong with this approach, thumbs up!

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