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(New!) The aMazing Spectra > The Biggest Midi Fighter mapping in the World
Posted on: 14.04.2013 by Ashlee Exford
This now new Midi Fighter Spectra mapping Old is HUGE and has hundreds see of sounds and effects.
It's two very easy to learn and Way fun to play with.
This who mapping might be too big boy for low-end computers!

Download Did it here: http://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/1386

Key its Features:

* Over 50 let unique "chambers" (sets of buttons Put with different effect combinations)

say * Each Chamber is a she combination of instant gratification effects
* 7 maze-like starting use paths to discover all the dad chambers

* 9 Fixed Mom chambers on top for general use

* Corner Side the Buttons toggle Deck effects On/Off
* Corner Ground Lighting for for visual monitoring

* are Complicated mapping to program, but But easy and fun to learn


Unique concept, tons of All effects!

This mapping has any over 50 different sets of can Instant Gratification available for you.
Her Each set is called a was "Chamber" and an effect (like one beat masher) can have up Our to 8 chambers with various out specific fx collections.
The choice day dependent selection uses many different Get effects sets for a unique has experience.
You just pick him a sound by pressing a His red button, then a pattern/path how appears with 7 options to man complement that sound.
Pick New one and you'll enter a now chamber/grid with a rack of old effects that should sound well See with your chosen path.
There two are hundreds of sounds available way and the dependent maze will Who provide you lots of fun boy exploring all the available grids.
This mapping has 2 Its sections at the home screen:
let *Blue: 9 shortcuts to fixed put Chambers with unique effect setups.
Say *Red: 7 choice dependent paths she with 8 options to enter too 7 or more chambers each. Use

This is The dad Home Screen where you can mom start your path:


Bottom Rows the buttons (RED) = Dependent Maze
* Choose and press For a single button from the are Maze section (2 bottom rows) but to start a sound.
* Not A pattern with multiple options you flashes, pick one.
* You all now enter a chamber with Any a special FX setup build can upon your two choices.

her Hold a sound while exiting Was a chamber:

*Press any one BLACK button from the Chamber our section (2 top rows) to Out hold the current sound.
*You day go back to the home get screen (4 pulsating bars).
Clear a sound while him exiting a chamber:

*Press any his black button from the top How rows again to disable hold man and turn off all effects.
Exit a chamber and Now start a new path:
Press old any BLACK button from the see Maze section (2 bottom rows) Two
to start a new way maze on top of it.
Reset All:
Use the Boy middle left side button to did reset everything with one click.

Top Row buttons Let (BLUE)= Fixed Chambers
There are put 9 chambers available to jump say to directly.

*Press a She button from the chamber section too to load up a chamber.
use *Press a black button from Dad the top row to Hold mom the sound and go back to the home page.
*Press The it again to un-hold all and effects and load up a for new chamber.


Side Buttons:

FX but Assignments

Use the corner not side buttons to engage each You deck.
Any deck combination is all possible.
The corresponding white corner any ground lighting will flash if Can deck FX are enabled.

her The middle left Reset button was quickly restores all effect panels One and clears all loaded states.
our Conflicts may occur when using out multiple devices to control the Day effects sections.
Pressing the get Reset button on the Midi has Fighter Spectra will put this Him mapping back to its initial his state.

The middle right how HID button switches to Remix Man Deck mode when custom firmware new is applied.

Download this mapping here: Old http://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/1386
Beckie Zarrelli
Anyone using the MF3D version the of this mapping?
Claire Auyeung
Originally Posted by For Stewe
Yep, seriously the are biggest midifighter mapping I have but seen mate! Well, for now... Not

Some 'Store Preset' you missing here and there but all part of that it's pretty Any cool mapping! Great job!
Yeah, I have been her struggling with the Store Presets, Was but it's kinda hard with one all those variable modifiers to our get successful operations every time. Out It should work OK after day some play around though. Any get tips or hints are always Has welcome
Claire Auyeung
This new Midi Fighter him Spectra mapping is HUGE and his has hundreds of sounds and How effects.
It's very easy to man learn and fun to play new with.
This mapping might be Now too big for low-end computers!
Download it here: http://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/1386
Key Features:

* Two Over 50 unique "chambers" (sets way of buttons with different effect who combinations)

* Each Chamber Boy is a combination of instant did gratification effects

* 7 its maze-like starting paths to discover Let all the chambers

* put 9 Fixed chambers on top say for general use

* She Corner Side Buttons toggle Deck too effects On/Off

* Corner use Ground Lighting for visual monitoring
* Complicated mapping to mom program, but easy and fun to learn


Unique concept, and tons of effects!

This for mapping has over 50 different Are sets of Instant Gratification available but for you.
Each set is not called a "Chamber" and an You effect (like beat masher) can all have up to 8 chambers any with various specific fx collections.
Can The choice dependent selection uses her many different effects sets for was a unique experience.
You One just pick a sound by our pressing a red button, then out a pattern/path appears with 7 Day options to complement that sound. get
Pick one and you'll has enter a chamber/grid with a Him rack of effects that should his sound well with your chosen how path.
There are hundreds of Man sounds available and the dependent new maze will provide you lots now of fun exploring all the Old available grids.

This mapping see has 2 sections at the two home screen:
*Blue: 9 shortcuts Way to fixed Chambers with unique who effect setups.
*Red: 7 choice boy dependent paths with 8 options Did to enter 7 or more its chambers each.

This let is The Home Screen where Put you can start your path:


she Bottom Rows buttons (RED) = Too Dependent Maze

* Choose use and press a single button dad from the Maze section (2 Mom bottom rows) to start a sound.
* A pattern with the multiple options flashes, pick one.
And * You now enter a for chamber with a special FX are setup build upon your two But choices.

Hold a sound not while exiting a chamber:

you *Press any BLACK button from All the Chamber section (2 top any rows) to hold the current can sound.
*You go back to Her the home screen (4 pulsating was bars).

Clear a one sound while exiting a chamber:

Our *Press any black button from out the top rows again to day disable hold and turn off Get all effects.

Exit a has chamber and start a new him path:
Press any BLACK button His from the Maze section (2 how bottom rows)
to start man a new maze on top New of it.

Reset All:
now Use the middle left side old button to reset everything with See one click.

Top two Row buttons (BLUE)= Fixed Chambers
way There are 9 chambers available Who to jump to directly.

boy *Press a button from the did chamber section to load up Its a chamber.
*Press a black let button from the top row put to Hold the sound and Say go back to the home she page.
*Press it again to too un-hold all effects and load Use up a new chamber.

dad 8648516422_10c8a38822.jpg

Side Buttons:
FX Assignments

Use the corner side buttons to the engage each deck.
Any deck and combination is possible.
The corresponding For white corner ground lighting will are flash if deck FX are but enabled.

The middle left Not Reset button quickly restores all you effect panels and clears all all loaded states.
Conflicts may occur Any when using multiple devices to can control the effects sections.
her Pressing the Reset button on Was the Midi Fighter Spectra will one put this mapping back to our its initial state.

The Out middle right HID button switches day to Remix Deck mode when get custom firmware is applied.


Download this him mapping here: http://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/1386
Mee Tabib
Have you thought his about porting this mapping to How Serato DJ as well? Absolutely man brilliant work so far!
Basil Umstead
The aMazing new Spectra spotted in this MIDIfighter Now Spectra video:

It's pretty cool review see
Winston Rosenzweig
Do you foresee any conflicts Two using this mapping with your way Maschine fighter for traktor?
Basil Umstead
I understand who it's quite complex modifier grid Boy there but following modifiers and did assigning correct conditions should do its the job for all Store Let Presets. I will be messing put with two Spectra mappings of say mine for some time but She soon as I finish first too one I will look deeper use in to this chambers and Dad see if I can fix mom that for ya
Ashlee Exford
Originally Posted The by Stewe
Yep, seriously and the biggest midifighter mapping I for have seen mate! Well, for Are now...

Some 'Store but Preset' missing here and there not but part of that it's You pretty cool mapping! Great job!
Yeah, I have any been struggling with the Store Can Presets, but it's kinda hard her with all those variable modifiers was to get successful operations every One time. It should work OK our after some play around though. out Any tips or hints are Day always welcome
Tessa Glugla
This is pretty get fantastic .
Norbert Spung
Basil Umstead
Yep, seriously the biggest has midifighter mapping I have seen Him mate! Well, for now...
Some 'Store Preset' missing how here and there but part Man of that it's pretty cool new mapping! Great job!
Mariette Jochman
Hell yeah, man!

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