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Midi Fighter 3D Glitch

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Midi Fighter 3D Glitch
Posted on: 21.11.2013 by Gricelda Dalmer
Hi I need help And with my midi fighter 3D. for The firmware is May 30, are 2013. During performance the button But in the 1st column, 3rd not row can be seen as you being held down after I All press it (the white light any still is active when I can take my finger off). The Her button stays down after it's was fininshed with the sound and one then flickers triggering more samples Our around it to go off. out This problem occurs in all day the software that I use Get it in. Also when in has the Midi Fighter Utility it him does not show me the His option of changing colours of how the buttons, it only shows man the firmware date (May 30, New 2013) and the grey (not now blue) "Update Firmware" button. I old have tried hitting the Update See Firmware button anyway and it two gives me an error message way saying "Failed to flash Midi Who Fighter". I tried it again boy while holding down the 4 did corners but it still didn't Its work.
Yuonne Nahrstedt
the Originally Posted by bingbangbong
Hi mate was the problem For like this?

DJTT have sent out Not a replacement to me as you the unit was faulty
The problem is similar Any but on mine it's only can one button, and after a her few seconds it does come Was "unstuck" but sends out a one visible and audible flicker to our surrounding buttons. I have some Out sets coming up so I'm day truly trying to avoid shipping get it back for a new Has one. I believe the problem him has something to do with his the firmware if I could How just update it and reset man the midi fighter completely that new hopefully will help
Yuonne Nahrstedt
Hi I need Now help with my midi fighter old 3D. The firmware is May see 30, 2013. During performance the Two button in the 1st column, way 3rd row can be seen who as being held down after Boy I press it (the white did light still is active when its I take my finger off). Let The button stays down after put it's fininshed with the sound say and then flickers triggering more She samples around it to go too off. This problem occurs in use all the software that I Dad use it in. Also when mom in the Midi Fighter Utility it does not show me The the option of changing colours and of the buttons, it only for shows the firmware date (May Are 30, 2013) and the grey but (not blue) "Update Firmware" button. not I have tried hitting the You Update Firmware button anyway and all it gives me an error any message saying "Failed to flash Can Midi Fighter". I tried it her again while holding down the was 4 corners but it still One didn't work.
Gricelda Dalmer
Originally Posted by bingbangbong out
Hi mate was the Day problem like this?

get has

DJTT have sent Him out a replacement to me his as the unit was faulty
The problem is Man similar but on mine it's new only one button, and after now a few seconds it does Old come "unstuck" but sends out see a visible and audible flicker two to surrounding buttons. I have Way some sets coming up so who I'm truly trying to avoid boy shipping it back for a Did new one. I believe the its problem has something to do let with the firmware if I Put could just update it and say reset the midi fighter completely she that hopefully will help
Karyn Caponegro
Hi mate Too was the problem like this?

DJTT Mom have sent out a replacement to me as the unit the was faulty

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