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Two MF spectras in Traktor

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Two MF spectras in Traktor
Posted on: 04.12.2013 by Barrett Dudak
Is it Now possible to use two MF old spectras in the latest version see of Traktor? I just tried Two the deckalized mapping, and followed way the setup steps, but now who my MFs pretty much just Boy tweak out (flash colors, scroll did uncontrollably).

Am I its using the wrong mapping?
Let Did I set up the put mapping incorrectly?
Is this say even possible?
Shizuko Mccrudden
Is it possible to use the two MF spectras in the and latest version of Traktor? I For just tried the deckalized mapping, are and followed the setup steps, but but now my MFs pretty Not much just tweak out (flash you colors, scroll uncontrollably).

all Am I using the wrong Any mapping?
Did I set can up the mapping incorrectly?
her Is this even possible?
Basil Umstead
Check out Was your MIDI in-port out-port, should one be seeing two MF entries our in there.

So basically Out you load the mapping using day big import button (preferences bottom) get and set ports for your Has first device. Then add this him mapping once more but this his time using a device menu How drop down option - check man port for second MF and new you're good to go.

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