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Midifighter 3D in Traktor Mode and Ableton Mode L.E.D.S

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Midifighter 3D in Traktor Mode and Ableton Mode L.E.D.S
Posted on: 07.12.2013 by Lorenza Poling
Hi i was his wondering if some could help How me here, when i switch man the midi fighter from Traktor new mode to Ableton mode..All the Now lights on the midi fighter old remain the identical as they see where mapped out in tractor Two mode, do i need to way remap all the lights to who again in ableton mode to Boy leds of my choice, though did my question is, if i its return to Traktor mode, will Let the less that where mapped put in tractor return and visa say versa or will i need She to map the less every too time i switch between the use two modes

Thank You
Abe Cronister
Hi i was wondering if the some could help me here, and when i switch the midi For fighter from Traktor mode to are Ableton mode..All the lights on but the midi fighter remain the Not identical as they where mapped you out in tractor mode, do all i need to remap all Any the lights to again in can ableton mode to leds of her my choice, though my question Was is, if i return to one Traktor mode, will the less our that where mapped in tractor Out return and visa versa or day will i need to map get the less every time i Has switch between the two modes
Thank You

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