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Do I need to install a driver to use my Spectra with Windows 7?

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Do I need to install a driver to use my Spectra with Windows 7?
Posted on: 11.12.2013 by Ling Tirado
I have new downloaded and am successfully using Now the MF utility. I have old set LED colors. My controller see does not appear to be Two sending any midi messages to way the computer. There's a yellow who exclamation mark next to the Boy midi fighter icon in Windows did "devices and printers" dialog.

its Full disclosure: I have got Let 3 midi fighter spectras plugged put in to 3 usb ports. say I'm not using Traktor or She Ableton. I need to use too the controllers with a piece use of custom software. How can Dad I test to discover if mom any of these controllers is sending midi messages? Also: how The can I use the MF and utility and uniquely identify each for of the 3 controllers?
Patrick Glapa
I have downloaded and am the successfully using the MF utility. and I have set LED colors. For My controller does not appear are to be sending any midi but messages to the computer. There's Not a yellow exclamation mark next you to the midi fighter icon all in Windows "devices and printers" Any dialog.

Full disclosure: I can have got 3 midi fighter her spectras plugged in to 3 Was usb ports. I'm not using one Traktor or Ableton. I need our to use the controllers with Out a piece of custom software. day How can I test to get discover if any of these Has controllers is sending midi messages? him Also: how can I use his the MF utility and uniquely How identify each of the 3 man controllers?


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