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DIY midifighter

DIY midifighter
Posted on: 11.12.2013 by Eula Effertz
Hey man guys i would like to new ask for schematics or wiring Now in DIY MIDIFIGHTER from a old gamepad
Chante Marcher
Hey guys i would like the to ask for schematics or and wiring in DIY MIDIFIGHTER from For a gamepad
Ima Smithee
by the informative are post above i am too but getting the suggestion in doing Not the process right .. hope you there are few or no all mistakes and everything goes as Any smooth as it must be
Basil Umstead
Connect can all buttons in circle and her wire them to the ground.
Then olider a wire one to each of button connections our and solider second end to Out second side of the buttons. day This would be your signals. get
Since gamepad is HID Has device you'll still be needing him a convertor to MIDI. Unless his you want to map it How as generic keyboard in Traktor.

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