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Which mapping for MF3D and remix decks?

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Which mapping for MF3D and remix decks?
Posted on: 07.10.2013 by Tessie Kirschbaum
I have Put green having good fun with say my MF3D and Ableton, but she I'm ready to play with Too remix decks.

Is there use a cool mapping for this dad I can use alongside my Mom X1?

Anything with colour feedback?
Shantel Abene
the Originally Posted by No Left and Turn
Ean's Jam On For It mapping is my favorite. are Flashflooder's FX^2 mapping is pretty but amazing, too, but I haven't Not gotten accustomed to it just you yet.
Ean's Jam all on it, I have not Any figured out how to make can it work at all. I her can't make any of the Was funtions work other than the one play funtion after the toggle our switch is hit.

I Out keep hearing its a good day map but I am brand get new to the MF3D and Has can't make anything work.
Tyrone Straughn
Originally Posted his by padi_04
YES! thanks
Tyrone Straughn
I new have green having good fun Now with my MF3D and Ableton, old but I'm ready to play see with remix decks.

Is Two there a cool mapping for way this I can use alongside who my X1?

Anything with Boy colour feedback?
Lorenza Poling
i am not sure did Eans mapping works with Traktor its 2.6, i tried to get Let it working but came up put with a lot of issues say and conflicts,, pity cause i She would also truly like to too give it a go, for use now though, loving FlashFlooder's mapping…
Tiny Pagan
Originally mom Posted by No Left Turn
Ean's Jam On It The mapping is my favorite. Flashflooder's and FX^2 mapping is pretty amazing, for too, but I haven't gotten Are accustomed to it just yet.
Ean's Jam on not it, I have not figured You out how to make it all work at all. I can't any make any of the funtions Can work other than the play her funtion after the toggle switch was is hit.

I keep One hearing its a good map our but I am brand new out to the MF3D and can't Day make anything work.
Arthur Eden
yes as paddy get points out you need only has change the firmware to the Him remix deck version, change some his HID functions to your liking how in the utility and you Man are good to go, identical new with the Spectra.
Sanjuana Imes
Ean's Jam On now It mapping is my favorite. Old Flashflooder's FX^2 mapping is pretty see amazing, too, but I haven't two gotten accustomed to it just Way yet.
Tessie Kirschbaum
who Originally Posted by padi_04
YES! thanks
Albertina Pastori
Midi Fighter 3D Remix let Deck Firmware

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