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Problem with Instant Gratification

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Problem with Instant Gratification
Posted on: 01.01.2013 by Mirta Casas
Hello All

use I recently picked up a Dad midi fighter classic and I mom absolutely love it.
So far, I have only used the The Instant Gratification, but that's enough and to get me started.
I'm for using a MacBook Pro with Are a Denon MC6000 and Traktor but 2.6.0

My issue is not this...

On deck A, You all the effects and settings all are as the should be.
any However, on deck B, button Can #6 (which should be T3 her Delay), is changing the Auto was Loop on and off.
Luckily One I saw this before my our performance.

Is there a out quick fix to this?
Anyone Day else had this issue?

get Thanks.
Angella Medich
Hello All

I recently the picked up a midi fighter and classic and I absolutely love For it.
So far, I have are only used the Instant Gratification, but but that's enough to get Not me started.
I'm using a you MacBook Pro with a Denon all MC6000 and Traktor 2.6.0

Any My issue is this...

can On deck A, all the her effects and settings are as Was the should be.
However, on one deck B, button #6 (which our should be T3 Delay), is Out changing the Auto Loop on day and off.
Luckily I saw get this before my performance.

Has Is there a quick fix him to this?
Anyone else had his this issue?

Mirta Casas
Hey How guys... It's a year later...
man I'm running Traktor 2.6.5 and new the Midi Fighter Classic Instant Now Gratification Version 1.0.3...
and I'm old still having the identical problem.
My issue is this...
On deck A, all way the effects and settings are who as the should be.
However, Boy on deck B, button #6 did (which should be T3 Delay), its is changing the Auto Loop Let on and off.

Any put advice ?
Basil Umstead
Seems you have multiple say mappings installed... Make sure to She import only IG tsi from too big import button.

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