Genre:Electro House
    Location:Kaiserslautern, Germany
21 official dj-rankings.com




zedd is among the top DJs in the world

zedd is performing within the field of Electro House music and is ranked 21 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Zedd 15 hours ago:
RT @katyperrypress: "365" becomes the second most watched English female music video on YouTube in the last 24 hours (as a lead artist), be…
Zedd 1 day ago:
@Kristieonair @katyperry We gotchu
Zedd 2 days ago:
RT @clarkdumart: WHO LUVS LASERS 👽👽🔥🔥@Zedd https://t.co/kqmUDS6rq3
Zedd 3 days ago:
@atrak DAMN
Zedd 4 days ago:
@atrak They have that for when you are putting in 2-step-verification codes into an app and get the text sent. It r… https://t.co/btj49LxJzz
Zedd 4 days ago:
@leoniiemaria This is soooo cool
Zedd 4 days ago:
RT @HakkasanLV: Hands up if your ready for @Zedd tonight 🙌🙌!!! Tickets: https://t.co/fnzITewzYr https://t.co/4F4GcjaOem
Zedd 4 days ago:
I’ll be answering your questions about “365” and more on @MostRequestLive @AskAnythingChat. Submit your questions… https://t.co/iPfHwg9Iiu
Zedd 4 days ago:
STREAM ‘365’ 365x a day for clear skin! https://t.co/jDgVkuZDW6
Zedd 4 days ago:
VEGAS!!! @HakkasanLV TONIGHT!!!!!!! https://t.co/FO1t7C3DCu
Zedd 6 days ago:
What a night..... ⁣ ⁣Won 2 awards for “SONG OF THE YEAR” and “DANCE SONG OF THE YEAR” for ‘The Middle’ AND got to p… https://t.co/nlzV8T3WIK
Zedd 6 days ago:
RT @iHeartRadio: SONG OF THE YEAR 🏆🏆🏆🏆 @Zedd @MarenMorris @greymusic #iHeartAwards2019 https://t.co/y9kgTTZZ2p
Zedd 6 days ago:
UNREAL!!! “SONG OF THE YEAR” & “DANCE SONG OF THE YEAR” for “The Middle”!! THANK YOU @iHeartRadio!!! @MarenMorris… https://t.co/SmfWXJi8Mx
Zedd 6 days ago:
RT @iHeartRadio: #TheMiddle takes it all 👏👏👏👏 @Zedd @MarenMorris @greymusic #iHeartAwards2019 https://t.co/8h4tORzl6G
Zedd 6 days ago:
RT @iHeartRadio: Next year's best duo?! @katyperry x @Zedd #iHeartAwards2019 https://t.co/7YwSwDsgP7
Zedd 6 days ago:
I’m excited to be presenting tonight with @KatyPerry at the #iHeartAwards2019! Tune in tonight at 8/7c. https://t.co/Jqfo4qIPNh
Zedd 6 days ago:
RT @katyperry: Guys when the robots take over just tell them to calculate Pi ok
Zedd 6 days ago:
Zedd 6 days ago:
MINNEAPOLIS!! Playing the @CapitalOne Jamfest with @KatyPerry for FINAL FOUR weekend. https://t.co/rTOFf0fjeU https://t.co/ubXXGmqIRg
Zedd 7 days ago:
RT @katyperry: This A.I. experiment is about to hit the streets! 🤖😍 Look for @zedd and me at the @iHeartRadio awards tomorrow at 8/7c https…

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