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    Genre:Electro House
    Location:Kaiserslautern, Germany
23 official dj-rankings.com




zedd is among the top DJs in the world

zedd is performing within the field of Electro House music and is ranked 23 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Zedd 3 hours ago:
@DylanFuture Yep am right now :)
Zedd 3 hours ago:
RT @DalaiLama: A fundamentally positive approach is to take account of the oneness of humanity. Dividing the world into 'us' and 'them' mig…
Zedd 10 hours ago:
RT @MadisonMab: @Zedd Your production was the best I’ve ever seen. Ever.
Zedd 11 hours ago:
@kapdaddy00 The orbit has an attachable latter yeah :). My team takes it off once I get in there and puts it back down when I’m done :)
Zedd 12 hours ago:
Thank you so much Minneapolis 🙏🏻 https://t.co/hcwDTnK3g7
Zedd 12 hours ago:
I genuinely am so so happy with this show and all the hard work has paid off. Whether you like electronic music and… https://t.co/6uAnDYzezu
Zedd 12 hours ago:
The orbit has finished rotating around North America, and I just wanted to give a huge shout out and thank you to m… https://t.co/cYC4f7F6GU
Zedd 17 hours ago:
Hey!!!! Win a trip to see me perform in Berlin 👀 Check my @discordapp for more info https://t.co/DDfQkMtRHo… https://t.co/IXj6A1G4BB
Zedd 2 days ago:
MINNEAPOLIS. Final show of the Orbit Tour (North America) with YOU tonight at the Armory!!!! SEE YOU LATER :))
Zedd 2 days ago:
Thank you Madison ❤️. This was a unique one... https://t.co/uXNou33mpq
Zedd 2 days ago:
BLUE STEEL https://t.co/rgyCKEdEdB
Zedd 2 days ago:
RT @OhSnapItsSierra: I will never love another artist more than I love @Zedd. The production of Orbit was executed PHENOMENALLY. On a scale…
Zedd 2 days ago:
@OhSnapItsSierra ♥️
Zedd 2 days ago:
@wagneralexa11 ♥️
Zedd 2 days ago:
@Pink_Chef Thank u so much
Zedd 2 days ago:
@ThomasThatSheep If there was the fire I’d be the very last one to leave, having to get out of my orbit 🤣
Zedd 2 days ago:
@ThomasThatSheep I wish it was a prank 😔
Zedd 2 days ago:
MADISON. I’m soooo fucking sorry the fire alarm went off tonight. I’m so bummed you had to wait for sooo long til… https://t.co/egmeUbo6j6
Zedd 3 days ago:
with America’s Sweetheart @LewisCapaldi https://t.co/QsUTnPxKlK
Zedd 4 days ago:
I just got permanently banned from China because I liked a @SouthPark tweet.

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