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    Genre:Electro House
    Location:Kaiserslautern, Germany
23 official dj-rankings.com




zedd is considered one of the best DJ brands in the world

zedd is performing within the field of Electro House music and is ranked 23 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Zedd 8 hours ago:
@Gale_Adelade @PlayVALORANT I think I have a highlight in that 🤣
Zedd 10 hours ago:
@iamdavebriggs down
Zedd 10 hours ago:
@natahel_00 I said SHHHHHH
Zedd 11 hours ago:
@SamitoFPS One can sum up your message in this video with: “Git gud”
Zedd 20 hours ago:
It’s dangerous out here on Twitter today.
Zedd 1 day ago:
@fl0mtv @dizzy Let’s go flomydawg
Zedd 1 day ago:
@dizzy dizzyyyyy join me discord for some CS n funs!!!
Zedd 2 days ago:
Perfect. These two lizard brains just fixed it all. https://t.co/qP660q9Moc
Zedd 3 days ago:
@TeamLiquid LET’S GO
Zedd 3 days ago:
@AlinityTwitch Need suggestions. But right now my fav is valorant. Maybe some overwatch. Maybe variety?
Zedd 3 days ago:
On a serious note though - made myself a strict daily schedule and I am considering streaming games daily after I’m… https://t.co/2soQGj4XMM
Zedd 3 days ago:
little update https://t.co/4fMLT7zybh
Zedd 3 days ago:
@lophiile Dude. So true. It’s RAW INPUT. no external bullshit.
Zedd 3 days ago:
RT @zeddinosaur: "he’s an uneducated assuming little bitch"- @Zedd, 2020
Zedd 4 days ago:
@MandaJD21 @steveaoki @CalvinHarris @TheChainsmokers Never in my entire life played a pre-recorded set. And pretty… https://t.co/FaydlmkjmF
Zedd 4 days ago:
@drdisrespect Hahahahahah
Zedd 4 days ago:
@MarenMorris 😍🥺
Zedd 6 days ago:
Zedd 6 days ago:
@__thebrodrew @Jauzofficial Thank you. *pockets the points*
Zedd 6 days ago:
@RoBartels @Jauzofficial Well THEN I’M OFFENDED. 💁🏻‍♀️

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