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Marvelous DJ Madeon - Youngest on The Official Global DJ Rankins top 1000

14:05 Mar/18/2014

Known by his stage name Madeon, Hugo Pierre Leclercq is only 18 years old! That makes him the youngest DJ in the top 1000 of The Official Global DJ Rankings. While the music prodigy was born in the spring of ’94, he currently finds himself on the 94th spot in the rankings. You can’t even say ’not bad for a 18-year old’, because being in the 100 top DJ’s by such a young age isn’t ’not bad’, it is simply awe-inspiring.

The DJ, producer, songwriter and musician from France has skyrocketed vertically to the blue skies of electro house and pop. Madeon’s career started ’moderately’ by posting ’Pop Culture’ on Youtube and getting 6 million views in a few days. The three and a half minute mash-up tracks consists of 39 handpicked songs, which he tweaked and tuned accordingly on his computer, to play it with utmost skill on the Novation Launchpad in the video.

The simple, yet ingenius video gives viewers an idea of how appealing modern DJing can be. You get a sense of the difficulty involved as you see Hugo Pierre’s hands masterfully gliding over the launchpad. Madeon elaborated the idea behind the simple video in an interview, saying that spectacle-wise, there isn’t that much heated action in DJing as in rock  concerts, where you can see the intruments being played. Sitting in front of your computer for hours working on sounds isn’t very exciting to watch as well. But showcasing the results of the work behind a computer with this spetacular version of performing electronic music is something special.

’Pop culture’ may have been the springboard for Madeon’s career, but the developing as a musician was in the making already when he was composing songs at the age of 11. Soon Daft Punk and Beatles started looping inside little Hugo Pierre’s head. In 2010 he won a remixing competition, presenting his version of Pendulum’s ’Island’. Another impressive remix is of Deadmau5’s ’Raise your weapon’ and there’s one from 2012, from Martin Solveig’s ’The Night Out’.

Madeon made his first live appearance in 2011 when he performed as a support act for Yelle in Paris. His UK debut took place at The Nest in London. He’s been on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1, getting his debut single Icarus and his remixes of Deadmau5 and Pendulum their first full play.

Well, 2012 has seen Madeon only rising to his destined stardom. He’s performed in all the major music festivals: Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, Lollapalooza and Electric Daisy Carnival. He’s currently touring as well. His latest releases include a collaboration with Ellie Goulding on the track ’Stay awake’ from the album Halcyon. Madeon recently got a video for his track The City, which has received positive feedback from a lot of fans. What do you think?

Madeon embodies the dream and ideals of the present day. Social media, Youtube, the overall accesibility and interconnexion of all the different mediums gives the possibilty for these kind of success stories. Madeon should be considered as a possible case study in sociology on which circumstances and connections are at play in a child prodigy’s development. It should be then noted, that Internet, when used for lucrative and meaningful purposes, gives ground for self-expression never before seen. Same goes for music, whether you listen, play or make it – it’s an universally loved phenomenon, a therapy and a way of life.

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