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Ahead of upcoming Pete Tong interview, we look at why Daft Punk won't tour?

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Since the Frenchmen in helmets have made their come-back, there have been a few questions that haven’t found a clear answer. Among the most discussed questions, there's one most burning for the fans - are they going to tour? It became clear very fast, that the duo won’t be appearing in Wee Waa, where the album is supposed to be played for the first time to a crowd. Via various interviews, Thomas and Guy have shed a bit of light on the matter. Now, they’ve elaborated further on the subject, and look to have another talk with Pete Tong on the radio show that airs tomorrow!

That’s right, you’ll be able to hear the androids on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio show this Friday evening, May 10. The pre-recorded interview is the only spoken word talk they’ve done since the album got announced. It is 6 years, since the last time they talked with the legendary BBC1 broadcaster.

Take a listen to an Essential Mix classic. This from back in 1997, featuring the lesser known Daft Punk tracks, Bangalter's individual efforts and more rare materials!

Now, to the point about tours. There’s no doubt the interview will touch on that subject. At their interview to Rolling Stone, Bangalter told that: „We don’t see a tour as an accessory to an album.” In a talk with the Daily Telegraph, he discussed it further. "We don’t want to tour this record right away because it seems the magic of music today and the life of music today is on stage,” Thomas Bangalter told Daily Telegraph.“We put all our focus on the idea of trying to put a lot of life on a record, the same life you would have in a live performance and we don’t want to simultaneously do something that would remove the focus from this thing we spent so much time doing.” In addition, Daft Punk’s representative told Huffington Post that ‚no tour is planned’, but if there’ll be one, it will be a ‚ career-encompassing setlist.’ We’ll have to find comfort in the fact that the idea isn’t completely out of the question.

Below, you can see the duo’s first show of their last world tour 'Alive'. The performance at Coachella on April, 29 in 2006 was an experience for only a couple of thousand lucky fans could enjoy It kicked off a ride that took them from Eurockéennes festival in Belfort, Franceto Barcelona,Madrid, then the Godskitchen tent at Global Gathering in the English countryside. Moving along the continents, they played in Japan, South America and ended the tour in Australia, playing in 4 different cities before the 9 month trip would end. To go even gurther back in time, check out the latest Collaborators edition with French house maestro DJ Falcon

'We got a sense that it went well,” Bangalter simply told to Mixmag after it was all set and done. Take a look of a 'Aerodynamic' being played, and see if you can avoid getting excited!

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