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Avicii releases promo mix for upcoming LP

00:00 Nov/30/1999

From the eyebrow-raising Ultra set to the tabloid-article for CQ, Avicii's been under scrutiny for some time now. Of course, this is all natural for a superstar DJ who's trying to broaden his horizons, and come up with something new. It's become an often seen phenomenon with producers who come up with a hugely popular song. Now, Avicii himself is fed up with 'Levels', and naturally is trying to climb out of the shadow of his most well known hits.

But the Swede's got a massive market for his uplifting and infectious melodies, so you know he won't disappoint. Another reason is the promo mix we've got right here. While Avicii brought a lot of singers on stage at Ultra to perform the tracks live, the tracks obviously sound better in their mastered studio versions. Take a listen, do you think the album's going to be taken in well?

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