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DJ-Follower Highlights BREAKBOT: Master of slick French electro

00:00 Nov/30/1999

If you think about artists that have spun from the rich and vibrant electro scene of Le France, you probably think Daft Punk, Mr. Oizo, Justice, David Guetta, Birdy Nam Nam, Martin Solveig, Miss Kittin and Bob Sinclair. If you’re a chick, you likely know all about the Casanova DJs Brodinski and Gesaffelstein. For many, BREAKBOT doesn't appear beside these prominent names. We have a feeling this is about to change, as the French disco funk producer has released his debut album. We’ve known for a long time he belongs to the dream roster of French electronic music cultivators – now we’d like to turn your attention to why we think so. First a little background check, then a look into the future - slick, sexy disco ballads all the way through!

Thibaut Berland aka Breakbot (born 1981) put his first tunes out on Myspace in the beginning of 2000s. Working as a graphic director, Thibaut had always preferred making music. In 2007, he got 500 copies of his first single 'Happy Rabbit' released on the British label Moshi Moshi Records. Breakbot started DJing clubs in 2008. An Australian tour alongside Van She and Pnau got him noticed among wider circles.

But don't take my word for it, watch the vide interview of the Frenchman sharing his thoughts on how it all began!

Remixing the likes of Justice, Late Of The Pier and Metronomy, it didn't take long before Ed Banger's Pedro Winter approached him and offered him a deal in 2009. “I liked the team, humanly and musically. I’ve always been a fan of Daft Punk, then work with the former manager of Daft Punk and Justice present, I thought it was great. I said yes immediately,'' says Thibaut. The first release from the leading French electronic music imprint came shortly. The cool pop tune 'Baby I'm Yours', song performed by Irfane, the often collaborator of Breakbot. At that time, the song didn't take off as fast as it could: “It was first played on Nova, success came gradually. Even today, people are discovering the song," comments Thibaut. But this is exactly why we think, the upcoming times are perfect for the music reminiscent of the golden age of funky melody, and groups like Chic or BB & Q Band. As the Chic frontman discussed in the last Daft Punk Collaborators episode: "The Groove is everything!"

Breakbot‘s debut album By Your Side was digitally released in September 2012. Now that it is finally out as a physical release, fans can stream the entire album – for free! – on AOL Spinner. Enjoy the 14 compositions 'By Your Side', the funkiest album in September 2012. Listen to the whole album here!

For many, 'One Out of Two' is the favorite for many, because of its melodic inspirations from the 70s and 80s, the disco flare fused with smooth rock influences. Maybe that's why it's gotten the beautiful visual to accompany it. Video handmade by Irina Dakeva.

This year Ed Banger celebrated its 10th anniversary. An amazing stage was set up at Grande Halle de Villette, you can watch the recap of the brilliant show and how it was set up here! The future plans of Breakbot are closely tied to the festivities that will be carry through the year 2013, with a tour of their premium acts and special guests. Shows will be done in US, Japan, Germany, Spain. Catch the heavyweights of French electro scene, they've got the know-how to deliver a banging party!

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