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Swanky Tunes from Russia launch Showland label, party and radio show

00:00 Nov/30/1999

The year was 20011, when the Russian electro and progressive house playing trio Swanky Tunes burst on the dance scene. 'Sending My Love' was the tune that got played time and time again cementing their status as a force to be reckoned with. Currently # 249 in The Official Global DJ Rankings, Swanky Tunes has turned a new page in their careers, giving life to Showland - a record label, party series and radio show.

After collaborating with Tiësto for his famous Musical Freedom imprint, and doing a series of successful hits of their own, the trio decided to launch their own label late last year, choosing 'Blood Rush' to lead the effort. Now that their tour is over, Ultra Music Festival stage behind them, they've got time to focus on developing the Showland concept further. The monthly podcasts and radio shows are now boosted by their own parties. The first Showland party took place at Wall Lounge on March 24th, and was accompanied by Hard Rock Sofa, Arty, Arno Cost, Peking Duk, Matisse & Sadko.

Beatport got to talk with one of the swanky DJs from the trio, Stanislav Zaytsev. We thought we'd share some of the thoughts and plans that were elaborated during the talk.

Listen to Swanky Tunes's Miami Music Week 2013 Mix!

In Ultra Music Festival, Vadim, Dmitry and Stanislav of Swanky Tunes got with Hard Rock Sofa to do a 5-DJ back to back set."Then we realized, it doesn’t matter how many you are and what you do on the stage," commented Stanislav "the main point is the music you play. So we locked ourselves in a studio with Hard Rock Sofa for one day and prepared a special DJ set containing our new tracks and tunes we just love so much. It was awesome to see the crowd’s feedback while we were all together playing."

For the first party of Showland at Miami Music Week, they got a great line-up to join them - the best from Russia, with a flavor of French and Australian progressive house to boost: "A “perfect combination” is what many people said. To be honest, we couldn’t believe this was true until the lights at Wall Club came on and the music was stopped at 5 a.m. The club was fully packed and nobody wanted to leave. Unfortunately, each party has to end. This year we’re going to do more Showland parties, of course. First of all, the party will be brought to US cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, then to Europe, Australia, Asia, and Russia."

A positive impact on the career was the collaboration with Kaskade and Lights on the single 'No One Knows Who We Are'. The idea behind this one was to renew the old sound of the '90s, to cath the attention of both younger and older generations:"Just imagine how many listeners were born in the ’90s. The lack of understanding is always between generations, but music is the universal language. Lyrics give the elder generation understanding of the young guys. At the same time, music brings the young generation closer to the elder ones. They are in the loop and it’s really cool to see!"

Swanky Tunes next release will come out on April 15. The track 'We Know', in collaboration with DVBBS and Eitro. This far, they've gotten great feedback from the crowd this far. When it comes to influences, they've gone a 'long way through different music styles, from funk, punk and electro of the ’80s to techno, big beat, and house'.

The Showland crew will be attending Electric Daisy Carnival, Life In Color (Dayglow), Sensation White, and different festivals in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Head over to their official page, ready to be unveiled soon!

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