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The Chronicles of Dada Land: One crazy March of 2013

00:00 Nov/30/1999

In the last month, something really bizarre went down, causing one Swedish DJ duo probably more trouble they expected. We thought we should chronicle the event for future historians, otherwise this short epoch in world history might go missing. It all started when Dada Life released a manifesto..

..declaring Dada Land a sovereign nation in a Youtube video on March 4th, 2013.

“The Independent Peoples of Dada Land by Executive action, Legislative fiat and Judicial decision, have continually had their basic human rights of freedom, fresh fruit, having fun and self-governed sovereignty infringed upon.”

In support of this great new nation, rallies were held in some of the world's biggest cities, such as London, Sydney, Stockholm and New York.. The Independence Day of Dada Land took place on March 6th, and looked something like this:

While everything seemed to go fine for the newly founded nation, the heads of Dada Land were trying to embark on a diplomatic travel to Miami Music Week. They wanted to meet some of the people of Dada Land, and show them what the promise lands is all about - “human rights of freedom, fresh fruit, having fun and self-governed sovereignty infringed upon.”

However, the authorities of Sweden didn't take too kindly to their rallies in front of the Parliaments and Opera House's all over the world. So the representatives of The Kingdom of Sweden acted accordingly, taking hold of the passports of Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom, the masterminds behind the electro house duo, and a national threat, Dada Life.

The presidents of Dada Land couldn't believe what they were witnessing: “So we’re back from the airport…no Miami for us. At least not today. Our passports are taken away and we still don’t know why. FUCK! “So this is what we know about the crazy stuff that happened earlier today: our passports were taken by swedish border control when we were going to Miami this morning. They said something about following “standard procedure” when a Swedish citizen should be stopped from leaving the country. They have our passports now and we can’t do anything! They also said Swedish authorities will contact us through mail… Thanks for all your support with this…”

It appeared as though Sweden and the USA don’t believe dropping the bass is the only thing the duo will do! According to our intel, the security risks that made the governments so careful before the Miami Music Conference celebrations were as follows:

  • Loud, bass-filled music that may lead to partial deafness

  • Gargantuan blow up toys that could cause frantic dance move injuries among the crowd

  • Things getting too 'ugly' after champagne showers cause public anti social behaviours

  • People rioting after being denied fresh fruit and fun

After many sleepless nights, and missed tour dates later, the crazy Swedes can breathe a sigh of relief. The saga of Dada Land, and the troubles of their leaders came to a close a month after the infamous Independence Day rallies took place.

They've gotten back their passports, so the life of Dada may continue. New tour dates say, they will be playing Insomniac festival in California, in mid May 2013.

So the 'Happy Violance' may continue once again, but looks like Dada Life has to co-operate with the governments from here on out!

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