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Cherub release silky smooth '100 Bottles' EP for FREE

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Cherub is an American duo that has been releasing their music for free, with the option to acquire the tracks via iTunes. Following the release of 'Mom & Dad'  and a collaboration with Two Fresh on Unplanned Parenthood, the duo has put out a 6-track EP called '100 Bottles'. With an array of releases, Cherub is steadily making its way to wider consciousness..

Cherub could be described as something of a American equivalent of slick French electro producing Breakbot. Their sound is meant to break through to the more emotional and sensual parts of the psyche. Yet it will make the dance-floor slippery wet from sweating electro-pop ravers. French producers look out - combining superb 80's funk and electro - Cherub is intruding into your territory!

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