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Yolanda Be Cool start to speak Americano, ink deal with Dim Mak ahead of debut album

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Seems Yolanda Be Cool won't be a one-hit affair after all. After 'We No Speak Americano' saw success of ridiculous proportions (topping 18 charts in 2010), the Australian duo hasn't released anything nearly as remarkable. Obviously, that's nothing surprising. Rarely you see someone top themselves right after conquering the world. Imagine Psy trying to top 'Gangnam Style' with something new right now. However, things might be about to change for Yolanda Be Cool, as they've signed to Dim Mak Recs ahead of 'Ladies & Mentalmen' debut album and world tour.

Doing a hit single is a blessing and a curse. In an effort to free themselves from the restraint of the Americano song, they gave an 'official' press conference recalling the track. A similar move was made by Avicii's management, when Bergling got frustrated for only getting recognized for 'Levels'.

Watch: The press conference by the Australian duo, recalling 'We No Speak Americano'

Steve Aoki heartily introduces Yolanda Be Cool to Dim Mak. Watch the first initiation ritual e.g. caking of the faces, in Yolanda Be Cool's first video for their debut album 'Ladies & Mentalmen':

Photo: Aren'tYouAlex-Spencer

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