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Dinah Jane Is Stepping Out On Her Own

23:56 Nov/30/2018

For a lady that needs no introduction, Dinah Jane isn’t fretting about re-introducing herself to the world. After six years as part of pop super group Fifth Harmony, she’s finally stepping out into her own spotlight for the first time since her X Factor audition back in 2012.


"I just wanted to step into me being a woman as well. Not being afraid to talk about things that actually are real. There [were] no barriers when I wrote this one with him."


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“I wasn’t really stressing about which song should be my ‘debut,’” she muses over the phone from Beverly Hills. “I remember walking with L.A. Reid [music industry mastermind and former X Factor judge] and he was like, ‘Yo! This is the song! It lays heavy on my heart. I know it’s the one, there’s something about it.’” Yet to be released when we chat, Jane spills the secrets of “Bottled Up”, the track to represent the new-born and redefined version of herself.

Solo life also brings up other perks for the 21-year-old too, most notably not relying on others to get to work. “Three of us would always be on time and two girls would be behind or it would be the other way round,” Jane laughs. “Now I can rely on my own schedule.” Touching on lateness and how it reflects on everybody in the group, she confirms that slacking off is a thing of the past: “Now I have to take it up a notch and be more serious with myself.”

When she was working on the track with Bassy, she remembers being “afraid and very timid,” but she says he told her: “'No, no, no. Get your hands on this record because it’s something special. It has to come from you, of what you feel and what you see.'” The track, which was originally a ballad, got sped up, and Dinah Jane says she didn’t “let fear get in the way of the subject or let people think this is far off from who I am.”

As an already fully-fledged pop star, there’s a whirl of other sounds circulating the mind of this Californian gal. “R&B, reggae, soul…” She begins. “At the beginning of this year it was kind of trial and error for me, but I remember it being that way only because I was just stepping out of Fifth Harmony and coming into my own, trying to figure out who I was as an individual.”


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