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Zed's Dead drops 'Hot Sauce'

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Zed's Dead got  down with a brand new EP and a superb radio show on BBC1's Diplo & Friends. Mad Decent signee's named their 5-track release the 'Hot Sauce'. Wonder why? Just scroll down and listen! The Canadian dubstep duo has done a stellar job representing the traditionally jacking Mad Decent motos. However, they've shown that their not only about dubstep, taking a more sonic turn on this one. 'Demons' - the slow bpm, heavy opening track might as well be on the soundtrack if they re-made Addams Family. Moving on, 'Mr.Sub' takes you to lower frequencies of human hearing - the sub-bass garnished with various intricate percussion patterns. 'Playa' touches the bounderies of trap, fusing together the high beeps and electro house elements - a chaotic effort, but appreciated by many, I'm sure. 'Rave', of course has that nostalgic element, a breakbeat menace to bother clubbers whining about 'music nowadays'.'Trouble' brings it together nicely, going back to the heavy pulsating synths and nightmare inducing pianos. Full tracklist and the tunes below!

Hot Sauce EP Tracklist:






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