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A Sit Down With DJ Jack Beats

06:17 May/14/2018

In a bass music/electro scene that becomes more and more crowded every day, Jack Beats are doing well to stand out with a sound totally unique to them, instantly accessible and flipping' easy to rave out to. Some kinda twisted hybrid between house, hip hop, Dubstep, Electro and Drum'n'bass, the quality of their output and DJ sets makes even more sense when you look at the duo's pedigree: Niall Dailly is part of Turntablism legends Scratch Perverts, and likewise Ben Giffen was part of hip hop DJ crew The Mixologists.


"One of the best things from dance music is that energy you can get from going with the audience as well. If you get it wrong you get it wrong, but if you get it right then that's kind of what DJing is all about."


You grew up in Scotland. Is it a place that fosters music? What was the scene like while you were growing up there?

I was really lucky actually, when I was really young I was a skater and used to hang out with a friend, who was one of the better skaters, and all his older friends. A lot of those guys were listening to hip hop and I was 13 and didn’t know a great deal about it. So these mix tapes began circulating our school and that kind of fostered this whole teenage existence of listening to music that people 10 years older than us were listening to. So it was a great place in that respect. This might sound weird but I don’t know if I’d be where I was today if I hadn’t networked through the Edinburgh club scene and stuff. I don’t know if it would be good place for everyone; I think the club scene is quite quiet up there now.

Who are some of the artists, dance music or otherwise, who you guys have been feeling and been inspired by lately?

Man, there’s loads. From like people over here, people like Route 94, he’s doing some really cool stuff. He’s about to have a really big song out here. I mean, the likes of Dusky and Kidnap Kid .The Catz`n Dogzdudes, really into them. There’s so many cool sounds happening at the moment, really. AC Slater’s doing some really cool stuff out in LA with his sort of “Night Bass” stuff and his new sort of 2014 sound, with Taiki & Nulight and all those guys on his Party Like Us label… I’m just trying to think… Man, there’s so much all the time. It’s still a cool reflection of what we’re sort of feeling.

You have a history of pulling from diverse sounds such as Bassline, drum & bass, Electro house, and even Dutch house and Baltimore club and beyond. How do you synthesize all those sounds into your work, and what are some of the musical styles that excite you at the moment?

I would say the parts of tunes that are synthesized or not often varies, but generally speaking, Basslines/leads/pads, etc. are always designed on synths. Drums these days are a mix of sampled and designed drums. Specific samples are sometimes redone/replayed on synths, but usually we use and process the sample itself for its unique sound.

Is there like any specific end-game to what you’re doing in the studio? Are you guys trying to do an EP or LP, or are you just getting in there and exploring your sound again?

I think we just got excited about really writing some good music again. Not that we weren’t writing good music.

You’re doing a US tour in support of Vibrate. What do you have planned for the fans?

Upcoming tour is gonna be sick ‘cause first, we will have brand-new visuals for it. Also, am bringing Mika, who’s not only an amazing DJ but a really good friend, too, so you know the shows are definitely gonna be special. Expect dark, bass-heavy underground club music.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals or superstitions?

Good pre show dinner - bad gig & visa versa. Never works out that way tho.

What's your lamest claim to fame besides DJing?

One of us is an alpine plant expert.


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