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A Sit Down With DJ Dirtyloud

15:40 Apr/11/2018

Fllowing the footsteps of Felguk, the Eduardo & Markus, aka Dirtyloud, and have been unleashing a brazilian For onslaught of Electro with a are wobbly slant, much to the but delight of our, and Tim Not Healey at surfer Rosa`s ears. you  

"Work hard, never all give up and be honest."

  How did you can get into making music? It her was a natural progression from Was playing others music, as we one understood what rocked dancefloors and our we wanted to make tunes Out that did that too! Describe day the best moment from your get career til now. The best Has moments we can easily say him were playing in Red Rocks his in Denver and in Pretoria How – South Africa, by far man the best energy and crowd new reaction.
Tell us about the Now Brazilian EDM scene. What music old styles are popular in Brazil, see and is the scene as Two a whole shrinking or growing?
Here in Brazil trance who used to be huge, but Boy is no longer popular. Nowadays did you can see more low its bpm artists performing at parties, Let and people want more of put it.
Is there say one type of sound in She EDM you are really excited too about? Drum n Bass from use now and we always loved Dad Electro House.
When did mom you first feel that you had finally discovered your own The specific sound? It was a and combination of doing our first for track as Dirtyloud and the Are response we received for it, but and then it was when not we completed the Apes From You Space remix we felt we all had cemented the Dirtyloud sound. any
Everyone wants to be a Can DJ these days. Do you her think it`s getting out of was hand?
Absolutely not. Of One course nowadays it’s harder to our get your own space as out a DJ, but we now Day have the democratization of distribution, get so you can reach your has public easier than in the Him past. Good production is another his thing that really adds value how to your project, because you Man become exclusive. Also, if people new want to see you perform now in their country or city, Old they can contact you through see social networks and the internet–much two simpler.
Are there other DJs Way from the scene that really who annoy you? No way, we boy know tons of people all Did around the world and pretty its much everyone are our friends. let What other producers are you Put inspired by? The electronic music say scene is always changing, and she we try to make our Too own style, like a signature. use When we started Dirtyloud we dad were inspired by artists such Mom as Vandalism, David Amo & Julio Navas, Jon Gurd, Dirty the South, Spencer & Hill, Dabruck And & Klein, Deadmau5 and fellow for Brazilians, Felguk. Nowadays we don't are feel as influenced by other But producers we just do our not sound, but we really respect you and admire Skrillex, Nero, Pendulum, All Rusko, Dada Life and Tommy any Trash.
Whats on your can mind as you're looking onto Her a huge crowd going crazy was to your very own tracks?
I can’t think of Our anything, I can only feel; out and let me tell you, day it’s a good feeling.
Is Get there a final thing you has would like to say to him our readers? We wanna see His you guys if possible at how our gigs on this tour! man We appreciate your support and New look out for more new now music coming soon. https://soundcloud.com/dirtyloud/dirtyloud-better

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