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A Sit Down With DJ Jordy Dazz

15:11 Apr/02/2018

Jordy Dazz, a once college drop out turned DJ/Producer has conquered a long and winding road enroute to his global accession. He continues to shine with his original productions, remixes and ‘Dazz-ups' that truly set him apart from other DJ's and producers with his signature sound and style. He also puts out a ‘Dope & Dirty' monthly podcast, along with touring the globe, keeping him busy at all times.


"I’m working on something new that will give everyone a peek into my studio and how I make music."


You've worked with EDM stars like Dannic or Bassjackers in your career . What was it like to produce a track with them?

Workingwith Dannic on "Fuego" was fun! We did the track within two days. On the first day we gathered good ideas and structured them and finished the production on the second day. Making Bass Battle with Battlejackers has also been a lot of fun. Marlon and I have known each other for years and have had the ideatogether forsome time to make a track. Marlon had a clear vision of what kind of track we could do, and after a few days we had put all the components together.

You travel a lot. What are the essential things you need to have with you at all times and what are the things you miss when you are on tour?

My Beats Executive Headphones are always with me, and my Macbook of course. The things I miss the most when on tour is probably some normal sleep!
What makes you want to be a DJ?

Actually I do not know, because from small I actually like music to buy a lot of CDs. I was just about 9 or 10 years old when I got my first mixer CD from my dad for my birthday. Music is always there for me, so that's what helped me decide to become a DJ.

When your creating a track on logic are you drawing the melody out?

Yup. I am also playing with the keyboard as well. To me normally i make a lead sound first and come up with the melody that matches the lead sound. There is a track coming out on ‘WOLV’, Dyro’s label later this year I made that melody and the break I made in an airport when my flight was delayed in England about three years ago. I made a drop with it that I didn’t like so it laid on the shelf for a while. I still thought it was cool it just needed a proper drop one day and I finished it earlier this year.

What was the most embarrassing moment for you?

When I was about 19 years old, I was resident in one of the clubs in my hometown. I overslept so badly, that I missed the full gig. I had over 40 missed calls, and I just didn't hear it, since I sleep like a solid rock. Gladly I never missed a gig since.
Who is your greatest inspiration in music?

I think the DJ who inspired me while young was Marco V. I was among his biggest fans because I bought all of his Vynil . I also had the opportunity to meet him when I was 15 years old. We both became close friends and I had time to stop by his studio and it was really cool!

Who do you wish to collaborate with in the future?

Throughout my career I have collaborated with big artists and smaller artists. For me a collaboration is about the project and the vibe, and how we compliment each other in the studio. I am always open to collaborations if it feels right.

How do you find time to relax?

Summer time is a busy time for me, I am really looking forward to Tomorrowland in Belgium. There isn’t much spare time in the summer, but when I need to relax I like to game, I am a big gamer. I have a projection screen at my place that makes me feel like I am playing video games in a movie theater. It’s a nice way to decompress and take your mind away from music and touring.

What your dream festival to play at?

I can’t wait to play at Tomorrowland in Belgium this year, I have heard so many stories about the festival and I have never attended myself. I can’t wait to step foot on the festival site not only to play myself but to see the all of the other DJs playing there.

Do you feel that your musical background playing drums has benefited you when producing this type of genre?

I always spend quite sometime programing drums on my tracks because I like rhythm and i think drums to me are the most important part of the whole track.


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