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A Sit Down With DJ Marco V

10:05 Mar/02/2018

Born in the Dutch lowlands of Heeswijk-Dinther, Marco Verkuijlen has established himself as one of the most inventive, diverse and creative electronic music minds working today. Through his very first releases he became the architect of tech-trance; a sound that went on to become a fully-fledged electronic music phenomena.


"I think it's nice to pop in. It's actually what I do, because I want to reach and influence as many people as possible with my music - that's what propaganda means."


You’re considered a pioneer of tech-trance, but over the past few years in the U.S., the EDM scene has sort of shifted from trance over to house. Has this affected your approach to creating and producing music, and if so, how?

Yeah, my music changed as well. You know, tech-trance is something I did 12 years ago, so I don’t think my music is that much tech-trance anymore. Yeah, they call it “house” now at the moment, but for me, what people play at the moment isn’t house – it’s just some melting pot of trance, tech-house. You can’t call it house; it’s not like house was back in the day. And the stuff I’m doing now, as well, my music is also a melting pot of different styles and different genres of music.

You have been ranked among DJ Magazine’s Top 50 DJ list consistently for a number of years now but people may not know that you’ve been spinning since you were a teen. In those early days what style of music were you spinning and when did you begin tapping into Trance?

Well I have been quite consistent when it comes to producing and people have always boxed me into the trance genre. I personally find I have never truly been a full fledged trance producer/DJ but I would describe my style as a nice blend between Techno Trance and Big Room Progressive house.

How is your 2017 so far?

2017 started great, de feedback on my new tracks are fantastic and I got a lot of inspiration in the studio to produce a lot more.

Which Dutch DJs / producers do you like to listen to?

Michel de Hey and Remy have been my favorites for years. I recently played with Michel. I had not heard him play again for a few years, he still has a nice sound that goes well with the times.

What equipment are you using in the studio now?

I work with Logic, for the arrangement and to make music in, and then it’s also for the moment, there are also a lot of massive synths inside it, and I don’t use much hardware anymore – it’s more for the past.

Your sound is called the V-sound. How do you describe the V sound?

That term started in England, it was created because they can not describe my sound, I like what I like, many DJs stay in a certain style, I turn more like Dimitri in the beginning of the house. Whether it is trance or techno, it will be a struggle for me If I like it, I'll turn it in. It should of course not be a jumble, it has to stay within a certain framework, which is that it is rhythmic, and I really like bass, and if that's in the record, I'll make a nice story out of it.

To what age do you want to keep running?

No idea. I want to continue doing this as long as I like it myself and the audience still sees me. DJs like Sven Väth and Carl Cox approaching 50 or are they already? I do not see it stop for the time being.

What do you personally consider to be the most important moments in your artistic career?

The releases of my all my artist albums are very important, playing for the first time for a 20.000 crowd and mixing the festival CD “live @ Innercity 2000 Amsterdam”. Being in Djmag top 100 for 10 years in a row was also a big help.

What do you want to achieve in your life?

I would like to have a worldwide big number one hit, with a record that I find completely crazy. Very unlikely that it will happen, but dreams are allowed.

Thousands of aspiring deejays and producers strive to reach your height of success. What advice would you give to them especially in this ever changing digital age?

Just create an environment where you feel comfortable and at ease. Try to be and stay original, work on developing your own sound as much as possible, be passionate and work your ass off!


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