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A Sit Down With DJ Gregor Salto

14:27 Jan/29/2018

Over the past decade, Dutch DJ and producer Gregor Salto has been dominating the club scene with his original sound. Mr. Salto is not afraid to expand his horizon - he successfully started working with other artists. He’s known for delivering mind-blowing remixes from pop stars such as J-­?Lo, Rita Ora, Skunk Anansie, India Arie and George Micheal and djs like Nicky Romero, Axwell, Bob Sinclar and Roger Sanchez.


"I've always been interested in bringing different styles of music together."


You’ve been nominated for a Grammy Award, you’ve worked with artists as Pitbull, remixed for the likes of Rihanna, JLO and Rita Ora. Pretty impressive list! Are there any artist you’d hope to collaborate with in the future?

Yes, I would love to work with Bill Withers.
How can you describe your music, is it house, or any derivations of house ? Like tech-house, progressive house or whatever?

Hmm, let me think about it... It's definitely house with some remixes – I like to add more elements to my music to add more spices to the stuff that I do. So let's say it's house with a bit of everything in it. I also like soul music a lot – sometimes I'll pour in some soul-y elements in my set, like "We Get High" – which is on the list in my tracks – and sometimes I also like to add some electronica thing like Vegas.

Why do you think house music in particular has had such an enduring popularity over the years

Maybe the fact that this music is stripped down to a simple thing is what makes it so appealing? You can mix all kinds of genres with house music all in one set and make it coherent. Of course, right now we see the rise of genres like trap and moombahton (a fusion of house and reggaeton), but traditional house music is still going strong after all these years.

How do you prepare gor a gig?

I just go through my tracks. Try to work through my promo mails and find some new interesting stuff to drop. If I know what the sound of the club is (deep/commercial) I try to prepare say 100 tracks that can fit the vibe and that’s pretty much it.

You’ve been in the scene now for many years, and according to us the founder of the Latin house sound in The Netherlands. This sound is definitely getting bigger and bigger every year. Where do you see this sound going in the next 5 years?

Styles and cultures are blending together more and more so in 5 years there will be a total new style that’s a mix of Latin and maybe techno, who knows. To me it’s all music in progress.

You use a lot of Latin inspired sounds in your music. Can you explain a bit about what Latin House is all about?

If you go back, house music comes from disco. Disco comes from funk and soul. Funk and soul come from blues and jazz. Blues and jazz come from African people, and those that were formally enslaved used traditional European instruments and mixed traditional African musical forms with European ones. It’s similar with African people of Latin America, only the genres they mixed with were a bit different. The root, however, is simple, with influences from each culture coming together to create something new.

What do you think separates the good (average) DJs from great (legendary) DJs?

Music choice, technique and crowd reading, but I guess you can say that it really is really good DJs apart from a 'legendary' DJs nowadays is the way they handle their marketing.

You’ve played all over the world. What would you consider your most favourite place you’ve performed at so far? And was this because of the size of the gig, the location, crowd or something else?

I’ve been on tour with Afrojack to India, that was just amazing to me. It was a crowd of 8000 pax and they we’re all going insane. Such an amazing energy. Also South Africa was amazing!

How many days of the year do you spend on the road?

Depends with each month, but about two weekends per month I’m abroad and the rest I play in Holland/Belgium/France/Germany which is all within driving distance.

What about your label G-Rex?

Very good, the last 12 inches are just out the door and the Camiel album is in the shops, we have no complaints at the moment!" G-Rex is a label for soul, latin and jazz. more danceable and more for the DJs, because it usually makes little sense to release jazz on vinyl, for example, the quiet side of G-Rex, for example my new compilation album Solaja Sessions 2, is only released on CD.
What do you do outside of the dance music scene?

Actually, most of the stuff that I do is related to dance music. In my life, it's like, almost everything is related to dance music. I also try to spend as much quality time as possible with my family. I travel a lot so it's important to have them whenever I can. I'm a family-oriented man.


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