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A Sit Down With DJ Tydi

14:10 Jan/26/2018

Since bursting onto the scene only a few short years ago, TYDI has already achieved more than some can say in a lifetime. During the start of his journey, this extremely young musician was busy balancing his musical career and his studies, graduating with a music degree from the prestigious Conservatorium of Music and releasing his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Look Closer’ when he was only 19. The classically trained musical mastermind is responsible for creating the chart topping album ‘Shooting Stars’, which reached #4 on iTunes in the USA, as well as #1 in Australia, Canada, UK and Finland.


"I am thankful for what I have achieved and my only pressure is from myself - I am always trying to get more creative and write music that challenges me."


How old were you when you started DJing?

I first started writing music when I was 15 and at 16, I was playing in different cities in Australia. When I was 18, I was voted number one DJ in Australia.

What hidden talent do you have besides music?

I’m an avid swimmer. I can swim 50 meters under water holding my breath!

Do you find it easier to produce chill-out / electronic tracks or club tracks? What kind of style you feel more comfortable composing?

I think I find it easier producing chill songs because I don't have to worry about a dance floor. I can just produce for myself and take the listener on a journey that doesn't have to deliver on a particular 'drop'. It can go anywhere I want it to; there's a lot of freedom in these types of songs.

To be a DJ, do all you really need is a great playlist?

I'm not going to lie, there are some DJs who do that. But that's not the art of DJ-ing: I play my own music. Fans come out to hear the songs I've made. DJ-ing itself is not just about playing songs. The art of DJ-ing is presenting new songs to the crowd that they haven't heard before and creating a party vibe that's different than just listening to anybody's playlist. It's the only way to truly be big and respected in your craft.

If there was one thing you could change the music industry, what would it be?

I always beg for more creativity. Take for example Martin Garrix's "Animals". He was the first one to make a track like that. I loved that record. The first came out. But I loved it. The simplicity was quite genius. What annoys me is that you then get 200 new tracks from kids who think they can do the exact same thing. So all I ask is that when someone does something good, do not do it again. Keep writing new stuff; keep being original.

Your DJ’ing schedule is packed with great performances all over the world. Are there any gigs that you are looking forward to performing and why?

I can't wait to play in Hawaii next weekend, I get 4 days off by the beach.

Which artist would you like to cover one of your songs?

That’s a hard one… there’s a lot of people I could name but maybe Katy Perry?

What song off Redefined surprised you the most once it was finished?

Probably "Racing Kites". No track on "ReDefined" sounds like any other. Nearly every track is a different style or technique. "Racing Kites" is the most pop track on the album and it's surprising because when people hear pop, they immediately think of a cheesy radio hit. I mean, it could be a radio track, it could be something you hear Ariana Grande or Katy Perry singing. And it's a pop track with class. The story of it is lyrically and the concept is quite clever. It was not actually going to be on the album. When I wrote it, I was working with my friend in Australia and we were writing it for someone else; I'm a songwriter. So we wrote it and it began to become more and more true. That one will surprise people in both a good and a bad way. Some people will go, "wow that's a sell out pop out track" but to me, the definition of selling out.

You have your podcast Global Soundsystem but you also released a mix compilation called Global Broadcast, can you tell us what the difference between the two is?

So yes, that is the question a lot of people ask. Where is the value in a mix compilation that you self for $24 of ITunes if you already give out a free podcast every single week. The answer is to that is, yes every week I this podcast and it is the best tunes of the week, but when Armada approached me to do this Global Soundsystem compilation, I had to choose the absolute best tracks out there. Not just the tracks that I played in the show before, but also tracks that I always wanted to play, but could not get my hands on for various reasons. So that all came together and it also featured some of my own tracks that other people remixed for me and that did not get released. Like this DJ from Russia, FEEL, he did a remix for a track of mine called Never Go Back and because of circumstances that track never got released. So this was also just a really good opportunity to put a mix album out that had songs on there that people cannot get anywhere else. So at the time the album was branded as California, because that is where a lot of my shows were blowing up and I was really enjoying the crowd.

You've got a big release coming up on Soundpiercing. Could you tell us a bit about 'Is It Cold'?

Yes, this is a release that is special to me. It's a big room trance production with a driving bassline and a hypnotic female vocal. The vocal line is simple, catchy and short, it repeats and moves throughout the track with a very powerful build up. The melody is uplifting and playful. I have been playing this track at all the big festivals and the response has been huge! I think that this track is a good example of the type of trance that I am playing out in the clubs and festivals at the moment.

You’re universally loved and known for your positive vocals/lyrics and uplifting song energy. How do you stay inspired to stay positive through life’s ups and downs?

How could I not stay positive? I’ve got a pretty fun life. The only times when it’s not positive is during the hangovers. I’m always excited because every day I’m in a new country meeting new people, playing new shows, and it would be surprising if I wasn’t positive about it. The only times that suck are the plane flights and the jet lag. Never getting enough sleep is the only negative thing, but it’s not too negative.


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