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Progressive House Worldwide: Promo Sessions 001 (guest DJ Jocey)

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Progressive house is your thing? Then this is up your alley! Progressive House Worldwide delivers this year's first edition. Get acquainted with the concept of the PHW:

"Our broadcast here from PHW, sent on Pure.FM on Tuesday, 8th of January is now here for all you that missed it. The concept on the show will be a 2 hour long show, including music from the labels we work around really close, and also a guest DJ every month. For our first episode 2013, we brought in the new boy in the house, Danish producer Jocey, were he proves his skills behind the decks and is giving you a great one our set filled with progressive music. The second set broadcasted from Freddie in the PHW Crew includes a couple of upcoming PHW tracks together with a bunch of other gems that I feel strong for at the moment. If you want some energetic music to have around you, feel free to bring it down and enjoy it!"


01. 000.00 Paul Martinez & Fiddler – Touch In The Sky (Adam-P Remix) [OLD SQL Recordings]

02. 009.32 Axis – Dancing Flute (Devangel Remix) [Fluro Music]

03. 015.25 E.F.G. – Patcher (Diogo Riberio Remix) [Future Synth]

04. 021.43 Moon.Bay – Bloodstream (Original Mix) [PHW]

05. 028.42 Chris Meehan & The Chunky Fuckers – Instinct (Verve Gutteral Feeling Remix) [Movement]

06. 035.52 Andre Sobota – Paulista (Original Mix) [Konstrukt]

07. 042.01 Ticon – Nefertiti (Morttagua Remix) [Baroque]

08. 048.55 K.E.L&Xiasou – Don’t Say Goodbye (Hector Sawiak Remix) [Stellar Fountain]

09. 056.51 Inkfish – For Life (Yan Lhert Remix) [PHW]

10. 061.13 Luis Biondo & Santiago Garcia – Bottomless (Cid Inc Remix) [Mesmeric]

11. 068.07 Feri – Die Träume (AudioStorm Deep Emotive Recover) [Stellar Fountain]

12. 075.17 Namatjira – Little Goodbye (Dub Mix) [Lowbit]

13. 081.26 eleven.five – The Way We Are (Original Mix) [Arrival]

14. 086.53 Andro V & White Resonance – Girl Next Door (Original Mix) [Spherax]

15. 093.37 Krestovsky – Tornado (Original Mix) [Magic Room]

16. 099.45 Sebastian Weikum – It Moves On (Original Mix) [Colorize]

17. 106.26 Vid Marjanovic – Rottweiler’s Dream (Original Mix) [Mirabilis]

18. 112.04 Rikki Sawyer – In A Moment (Original Mix) [RELEASE]

19. 119.11 Stanisha – Sleeping Silence (Original Mix) [Electronic Tree]

20. 125.48 Reflection Soul – Aurora Borealis (Original Mix) [Stereo Paradise]

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