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A Sit Down With DJ Max Vangeli

14:28 Jan/29/2018

Size Records Electronic music producer Max Vangeli was presented one of the most promising artists for 2011 by MTV and DJ Mag. Since then he has exceeded expectations. In 2012 Vangeli released collaborations with some big names in the industry such as Steve Angello, Tiesto and Calvin Harris. From there Max dropped his weekly CODE RADIO podcast in 2013. The mix became globally recognized within two months of releasing it. In 2014, he collaborated with long time friend and producer Danny Ray and put out a progressive house track ‘Grim’ on Size Records. After his ‘Grim’ track, Vangeli tweaked around his sound with the single ‘Last Night Changed It All’ charting in the Top 25 of the iTunes dance music chart alongside Skrillex and Avicii.


"The industry is a bitch. When you are making waves, everyone wants to be your friend. But when you fall off for a minute, it’s all over."


You come from Moldavia but for several years you live in San Francisco. What caused this change for your career and you?

I entered the Deep House scene in San Francisco and it really shaped my sound all the way. It was a special stage at that time and guys like Kaskade(who is from San Fransisco) really influenced me a lot.
What do you think of the role of MTV in the music world nowadays? Has their support of your career been something motivating you?

MTV is an icon, so for me it’s an honor to have their support. I have a great relationship with the guys at MTV. They do a great job covering our industry as well as all of music and culture.

Tell us some of the crucial moments that got you to where you are in your career.

Pete Tong was the guy who actually played my first record and Chris Lakesigned it. That was a big push for me. Steve Angello really took it to another level for me. Meeting Antoine is the most obvious one, though.

Tell us about your own Label.

The main reason for launching my own imprint is to be in control of my own music and not to worry about people telling me to change this or that. Another reason why the label is called NoFace is because I want to diversify my music and not pigeonhole in general. It’s about making a difference in the music industry and this is my intention. I want to give people something fresh and unique, and at the same time, I want to be able to make what I want to make and not what A&Rs want to hear. Freedom is something that not all of us get to enjoy nowadays, and now I get to enjoy mine. I’ve got one mission in 2016 and the rest of my career, and that’s NoFace Records. I’ve crossed the biggest thing off my bucket list already, which was to play at Sensation White Amsterdam in front of nearly 60k people at one stage. I have toured with the best and collaborated with incredible talent, so now it’s time to cross that final big one off: my own imprint! I will work until I drop, but this label will be successful. If it isn’t, I have failed as an artist

Where do you get your inspiration when you make songs like “You & Me” and “Last Night Changed It All” ?

Honestly from my heart I’m hoping. I think both of these records are very unique in their own right, but most of all, they were songs by the same girl which created even more of a unique and special scenario. It also shows people how much I really do love Progressive House.

What’s happening with Size Records this summer?

Big things but the main thing is our album of course! Steve has a lot of amazing records he is going to push as well on his end!

Which artists (electronic or not) do you like in terms of work?

I like what guys like Corey James and WILLKdo. I also listen to a lot of Future Bass / electronic stuff like Flume and Odesza.

Do you prefer making music solo or as a duo?

I prefer both, as they are two different crafts. Sometimes I love being alone in the studio making records, but sometimes I like being in a room full of people bouncing ideas off of each other. It’s a completely different experience.

You have also traveled the planet to play your music. Which places have the most marked?

I would say Ibiza! So many stories out there and so many amazing memories on this magical island.

What is the craziest venue or festival you’ve experienced?

So many different ones honestly, but I will never forget the first time I played Creamfields. Sensation White was also incredible! As far as clubs, I would say Pacha Ibiza.


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