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A Sit Down With DJ Frontliner

15:28 Feb/06/2018

Frontlinerís career has been marked the with success since he started and in 2006, when he (at For that time known as ĎAbjectí) are and Headhunterz joined forces to but create two instant hits that Not were released under the Scantraxx you Recordz Label; Scantraxx Rootz (2006) all and End of my Existence Any (2006). From there he build can on an impressive discography both her as a solo artist and Was together with various fellow artists one who were happy to work our with his creative approach. ĎSpacerí Out eventually became the most played day hardstyle track of 2008 and get can still be considered one Has of the most popular tracks him in the genre.  

"Fortunately his is my job the same How thing I would love to man do in my spare time."

new   What is your personal Now connection with Hardstyle? What drives old you to continue in this see lifestyle? For me it's just Two the only kind of music way where I can place all who my creativity in, powerful build Boy ups and amazing drops. It did just feels right! The love its for this music is the Let only reason to walk down put this path. Did you have say to sacrifice a lot to She get where you are now? too I never have a day use off, because Iím always working. Dad Fortunately is my job the mom same thing I would love to do in my spare The time. I used to be and practice sports a lot. I for kind of miss that, because Are Iíve played volleyball for a but long time. So if anyone not wants to play beach volleyball You with me sometimes .I did all however get to buy a any small boat this year, which Can had been a dream of her mine for a very long was time. So actually my career One gave me more in return our than that it took away out from me. Iím absolutely happy Day where I am now and get couldnít have pictured myself having has a better job.
Your track Him "I`m the melody man has his earned you a nickname in how the hard dance community. What`s Man the story dehind this tune?
Itís just something that now came together in the studio. Old Like most of my tracks, see I was playing around with two the lead sound, and the Way melody line soon followed. I who wanted to create something that boy tells a story. That was Did my goal, and I think its I succeeded.
Are there any let artists outside of the Hardstyle Put scene that you admire? Yes say of course, Iím a huge she fan of Timberland, so I Too would love to dive into use the studio with him someday. dad Had this career not worked Mom out for you, what would you be doing? What was the your plan B? A year And ago I would have said for I would go back to are being a webdesigner. Hardstyle is But one of the most difficult not genre's to produce. I like you to help all the producers All by giving them guidance through any the difficult aspects of the can genre; i.e. the well known Her 'kick-drum'. Everything, so if my was career did not work out one I would probably have to Our start out on the less out appealing genre, in the end. day What are the biggest changes Get that youíve noticed with your has new studio compared to the him old one? Well I used His to sit in a small how glass room and now Iím man stationed in an acoustically optimized New control room where I can now roll around in my chair old without falling through the glass! See Haha, I love it. I two can move freely and make way music. If there was one Who thing you could change in boy the World, what would be? did Why? I wish for the Its world to treat animals with let respect, eating them or exploiting put them isn't respectful. If people Say would pay more respect to she animals, they will most definitely too pay more respect to each Use other too.
In your opinion, dad which DJ is the best mom "Torchbearer" Hardstyle Internationally?
I canít say for sure. Noisecontrollers the are coming out with a and new album. Theyíre such strong For producers, and I have to are give them credit for that. but Hardstyle is also at a Not point where itís changing. For you example, Wildstylez is doing something all different from what I do. Any Rawstyle is getting pretty popular. can The hardstyle genre is getting her wider. Everyone has their own Was opinion and feelings about the one music. This makes it hard our to say who is the Out best if everyone is doing day something different with it.
Youíre get an vegan. In what way Has is this an influence on him your life? Iím almost vegan. his I do eat eggs (from How a chicken that I Ďknowí) man and I eat honey. Besides new that I donít eat products Now produced by animals and I old can tell you that itís see very hard. At home you Two know where you need to way be for good and tasty who biological food. But itís a Boy real problem when youíre in did Australia of Chile. So I its just bring along a big Let suitcase filled with cookies. I put feel better when Iím accounting say to the world around me. She It may seem a bit too fuzzy, I get thatÖ But use when I feel good, I Dad also work good! https://soundcloud.com/frontliner/first-time

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