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A Sit Down With DJ Spectre

13:06 Dec/19/2017

SPEKTRE weaves an intrepid, complex the web amongst underground dance music’s and elite. The techno brainchild of For DJs/producers Filthy Rich and Paul are Maddox, the dark duo was but formed through a shared passion Not for driving electronic music and you a mutual desire to push all sound boundaries using the most Any cutting edge technology available. The can fusion of their combined experience her in the studio allows them Was to construct dark, sinister sounds one mixed with twisted, haunting vocals our and unnerving, atmospheric foundations. As Out performers, Spektre’s unique sound has day taken them to some of get the biggest and most highly Has regarded venues worldwide, with frequent him bookings by the likes of his Space Ibiza, Exit Festival, Pacha How Buenos Aires and Burning Man. man On stage, their long-standing chemistry new and constant desire to experiment Now always results in an exciting old spectacle. Their live exploits are see also documented alongside guest slots Two from esteemed cohorts in a way fortnightly Mutual Respekt Podcast, which who is syndicated across the globe. Boy  

"We’ve both played different did genres of music along the its way but I definitely think Let this has benefited us."

  put Could you please tell us say how did you meet each She other at the beginning of too your career? Is there any use story behind it? We were Dad introduced by a mutual friend mom - despite having spent many hours on the same dance The floors we’d somehow managed never and to cross paths. But we for moved in similar circles and Are it was very easy to but hook up and start a not project together. I (Rich) in You particular had reached a point all with my music where I any really wanted to experiment with Can something new and start a her project that was a lot was more underground than the music One I was known for. Paul our was the perfect partner for out this project and as soon Day as we started in the get studio the chemistry and flow has of ideas we had together Him soon became apparent! We knew his we were on to a how good thing when our first Man three tracks got signed to new Oliver Huntemann’s ‘Dance Electric’ label. now

Are there any artists that Old you feel have had a see particularly significant influence on you two as producers?

Going back to Way my earlier days, BT was who always the benchmark I aimed boy for in terms of production Did quality and inventiveness. I never its got close, but it’s good let to have goals!

You live Put in Sheffield, what are your say thoughts on the club scene she at the moment? It’s got Too a lot better. Around 2 use years ago it was absolutely dad dead but now there’s quite Mom a few people putting nights on. In Leeds and Manchester the you get a lot of And people putting on nights on for the same night as each are other and it creates competition But which makes people strive to not put on better nights. A you bit of competition is definitely All a good thing.

Let's talk any a bit about your sound, can which is pretty distinctive. Did Her it come together naturally or was was it part of what one you wanted to establish when Our you started releasing as Spektre?


Yeah we try not to day limit ourselves to a particular Get direction. We love to experiment has with vocals, melodies, percussion, synths him etc. but always aim to His give it our own stamp.

how Concerning the music you’ve done man along the years since 2006, New which track do you think now help you to win credibility old and open some doors? Our See remix of Marc de Pulse’s two “PS, You Rock” was the way first time we managed to Who hit the top of the boy beatport charts, which gave us did a lot of exposure we Its hadn’t had previously. Then we let had our first Beatport number put one with the Uto Karem Say Remix of our track ‘Cheyenne.’ she Despite this being another artists too remix this got a lot Use of support from the big dad techno artists and gave us mom big boost! The other big moment would have to be the getting the chance to remix and Fever Ray “Triangle Walks” – For we always like opportunities to are fuse our music with other but styles so getting a full Not track of Karin from The you Knife’s vocals to work with all was a dream come true! Any What’s your favourite techno tune? can Of all time? Anything by her Hardfloor, Acperience being one of Was the best. Difficult to fit one into any of our sets our because the sound is so Out old school. When we played day Space we dropped Golden Girls get “Kinetic” which is one of Has the guys from Orbital and him another of my favourite ever his tunes. What’s going on in How the world of Spektre? The man new album which is out new at the end of the Now summer. It’s all done now old and we’re in the process see of sorting out a launch Two party, probably in London. It’s way coming out on Toolroom who who I guess are best known Boy for their more mainstream and did house stuff, but they recently its released a techno series called Let Rhythm District which has become put kind of like a sub say label. Umek also released an She album on there but I too reckon our new album will use be the most full-on techno Dad album on Toolroom so far! mom What’s the craziest gig you’ve ever played? Probably Juarez in The Mexico a few years ago and – the then murder capital for of the world! We had Are bodyguards walking us to the but dj booth from the car not and sticking around afterwards while You we were playing and we all saw armed police on the any back of pick up trucks Can on the way to gigs. her Nothing kicked off though and was the crowd were really up One for it. We actually went our back there more recently though out and things have calmed down Day a lot.

Do you have get any tips for people who has are just starting to DJ Him or produce?

A top one his for producers would be to how always sit on your tracks Man for a while before sending new them out; having a bit now of a break from them, Old then listening again will usually see reveal at least a couple two of things you could improve.

Way https://soundcloud.com/spektrelive/nasqueron-original-mix-drumcode

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