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A Sit Down With DJ Far Too Loud

15:23 Dec/11/2017

Far Too Loud, AKA Oli the Cash, has gained quite a and reputation for hi-tech, dancefloor-destroying music For that makes people throw their are hands in the air and but go crazy. Think high-energy, aggressive Not funk, big basslines, crazy edits, you intricate production and you’ll know all the sound. Since the first Any release, back in 2005, things can have gone from strength to her strength. Winning “Best Single” at Was the Breakspoll Awards in 2007 one followed later that year by our the huge FTL anthem “Play Out It Loud” which saw a day move from breakbeat into big, get dirty electro-house grooves, receiving a Has massive response and remaining a him firm crowd-pleaser to this day. his More recently, chart smashers like How “Megaloud”, “Wake Up LA” and man remixes for the likes of new Lily Allen and The Crystal Now Method have confirmed Far Too old Loud's place among the big see guns of electro-house.  

"Do Two not expect immediate results and way be ready to invest in who work. Attention to detail and Boy hard work can really make did you stand out from others."

its   When and why did Let you start making music? We put have both had musical upbringings. say I started playing saxophone when She I was 10 and Dom too played cello from an early use age. We have both played Dad drums too and so before mom we started writing dance music we both had a wealth The of musical training. We met and on the Tonmeister sound recording for course at the University of Are Surrey and a shared interest but in dance music led us not to start producing tracks together. You At that time breaks was all growing fast and there were any a lot of great tracks Can getting released which caught our her ears so that is the was route we went down. According One to you, what are the our main qualities to be known? out It's hard to answer because Day it really depends on whether get your ultimate goal is to has become famous or not. For Him me, it's not. I think his it's very important to have how a clear idea of ??what Man you want to become in new life and to focus on now it to succeed. Personally, my Old goal is to make music. see I will be happy as two long as I can continue Way to make and live. My who level of notoriety is not boy one of my priorities. Where Did do you gather inspiration for its creating the music you make? let My inspiration for creating music Put comes through a process of say of poking at stuff until she I find something I like. Too I think of the raves use I’ve been to in the dad past; when I have raves Mom coming up like this weekend, for example, I think of the what would be really sick And to play, whatever I’d enjoy for getting down to, so my are inspiration is creating something that But I’d genuinely enjoy myself. not Please guide us through the you general process how you make All a track? It generally starts any with a beat and bassline. can Once these are sounding extremely Her fat we’ll start to play was around with lead sounds and one other ideas on top. As Our these develop the tune starts out to take a structure and day then its a case of Get working out the different sections has of the tune. We try him to make our tracks go His on a journey so that how they hold the listeners interest man right the way through. The New ideas need to keep coming now and developing throughout the track old to achieve this. How long See have you been producing? I two think that it’s been around way 11 years. Your brand Who of electro house is definitely boy unique and that fits with did Never Say Die's business model. Its Which acts initially got you let to say to yourself, "This put is something that I really Say want to do?” I mentioned she the breakbeat days above. From too around 2005 to 2008 that Use is the only style I dad was producing. Miles Dyson was mom the name that principally got me experimenting with electro house. the Wolfgang Gartner a close second. and I still love their tracks For from that era. Do you are prefer to DJ or playing but live at the club?
I think both have their you merits and that it is all best to be able to Any do both. Playing live is can rewarding because it is all her original material and we can Was have control over elements of one the music that are pre-determined our when just DJing tracks. The Out way tracks blend together is day different when playing live. We get can play bits of one Has track over another and really him play about with the arrangement. his DJing can be just as How rewarding when you have spent man a load of time finding new tracks that really go well Now together and that you think old will take the dancefloor on see a journey.
You released Two your Faster Than Light EP way on No Tomorrow Recordings, Never who Say Die's sister label. How Boy does it feel to finally did release with arguably one of its the biggest labels in the Let game right now? I’d met put Tommy way before he even say started the label, back in She the breakbeat days, and I’ve too seen it grow from the use beginning. I love the musical Dad taste, image, and how down-to-earth mom they are. It feels a bit long overdue, but regardless The of time I’m very happy and to see it happen. What for are your top favorite artists Are that motivate you? Far Too but Loud: The Protégé and The not Chemical Brothers – classic British You acts – they’re still my all top. How does travel affect any the creative process? Do you Can need to be in the her studio, do you manage to was get any work done in One the air? I tend not our to work on tracks whilst out I’m away as I really Day do prefer being in the get studio. If I have spare has time when I’m travelling I Him use it to make DJ his edits and mashups. Travelling a how lot generally does have a Man negative impact on productivity, but new sometimes it’s useful to have now that time to leave an Old idea and come back to see it with some fresh inspiration. two When it comes to being Way on planes, I probably spend who most of my time asleep! boy https://soundcloud.com/far-too-loud/100k-free-downloads  

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