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A Sit Down With DJ Futuristic Polar Bears

15:36 Nov/29/2017

It’s fair to say that the Futuristic Polar Bears have had a phenomenal few years. Through their own relentless hard work and outstanding capabilities both in the production studio and behind the decks, the trio have been on an incredible ride and achieved the seemingly unachievable. With a combined skill set of accomplished DJs, producers and musicians, Luke, Rhys and Fran have become global favourites, having destroyed dancefloors in far flung destinations such as North America, India, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, China, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Holland, Italy, Kazakhstan and Ibiza with their indisputable energy and dynamic DJ sets.


"We’ve all evolved together over the past few years in so many different ways and it’s like I’m now working with not just my best mates but my family – it’s great to know we’re all in it 100% together."


How would you describe your own music in a few words?

"Mainroom thump with a bouncy groove" is how we’d describe our sound when we play. We love playing for 2 hours because it gives us the chance to play everything from tough progressive house right through to some bouncy tech house. We usually start groovier and work the crowd up into a frenzy.

Every DJ has their own podcast now – tell me a little bit more about yours, why should people listen to it?

Our podcast doesn’t stick to one style of house music and we try to make the show as informal as possible. We try to have a laugh when making it, try and incorporate new music and really push new sounds. Our guest mixes are hand-picked and we really try to offer something different on a weekly basis; the guests range from a special anniversary mix from Kissy Sell Out, right through to a deep and groovy mix from Toolroom Records’ label manager Pete Griffiths – there’s always something for everyone!

What inspired you to chase a career within the music industry? Also, when did you first realise that you wanted to take-up music on a full-time basis?

Fran: I have always loved music then I went to my first rave in 1991 and the atmosphere was incredible, everyone was so friendly and I just felt like I belonged. That was it, from that moment on I was hooked I bought my first set of 1210s and started buying records every week.

Rhys: My Dad helped me to learn how to play the piano when I was still just a kid, once i could see how people were happy when I played a song I was hooked, still to this very day seeing thousands of people going crazy to our records ? there?s no other feeling quite like it.

Some producers and DJs say their sound changes with the seasons. Is this true of you guys?

Our sound is always evolving, we’re very fortunate to be surrounded by many influences and different sounds working in the music industry and playing around the world. It’s great experimenting with new sounds and ideas.

Do you guys have any dream collaborators? Who would you collaborate with if you could collaborate with anybody right now, today?

Well, we do have some really exciting stuff coming up, but dream collaborations, I mean we’d obviously love to do something with Hardwell, obviously he’s our label boss and that’d be just really, really cool. Also, we’d like to possibly doing something with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, we’ve been speaking to them recently and they’ve been giving us a lot of advice, so you know, they’ve been really cool and we’d love to something with them in the future as well. I mean what they’ve done in the last four years is just incredible how big they’ve become. I mean, they’re almost rock stars now! I mean, like a dream, dream collab, Rhys and I would love to do something with Steve Angello, he was really an early influence for both of us for writing, but around that kind of thing.

Do you prefer playing festivals, or the smaller club gigs?

Both have their great qualities. Festivals are great fun because there is nothing better than playing in front of thousands of people on a big system! Small clubs are also brilliant because they’re more intimate and you can really gauge the crowd’s reaction.

Traveling around the world is a daunting task for many artists, do you ever get homesick while on the road?

Luke: I love being on the road, we get to visit so many cool countries and experience so many things you wouldn’t get to do as a tourist. If our management turned round and said “you’re going to be on the road for the next 365 days with no rest,” I’d say “bring it on!”

You’ve been championed by some of the world’s best DJ’s such as Tiesto, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, R3hab and Sick Individuals. How does it feel to be so highly recognised?

It’s an amazing feeling being supported by some of the biggest names in the industry, getting feedback from them really helps us push forward with new music and making sure we never let our standards slip.

You guys have worked with a lot of big labels, like John Dahlbäck’s Mutants. A lot of artists do that. What value do you see in working with different labels?

It’s great to work with different labels, especially labels that well known and respected DJ/producers own and run. It’s always great to bounce ideas off them and gauge their thoughts in the industry and the sounds they like.

Have you got any advice that you could give an aspiring DJ in our current time?

Just to work hard and believe in your dreams. This industry has plenty of ups and downs and you just have to stick to what you believe and stay passionate to the music you are making.


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