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A Sit Down With DJ Juventa

09:32 Nov/16/2017

Jordin Post, commonly known as Juventa is one of the new-breed of super talented DJs / Producers in the scene unrestricted by genre boundaries, who at every turn can ontinues to amaze and entertain with his studio dream of being able to achieve at such a young age. With his first release at just 15 years old, Juventa quickly established himself, thanks to diverse productions and remixes across leading labels such as Enhanced Music, 5 x World Number 1 DJ Armin Van Buuren's very own Armada Music imprint in Holland, scene legends Above & Beyond's Anjunabeats and even appearances on the likes of Disney, as his constantly evolving sound.

Over the past few years, Jordin's style has developed in the most modern sense. "Juventa 'sound, and a sound that has made it in the middle of the last century, in Sydney, Australia, to Korea for The World DJ Festival in Seoul and The Czech Republic for Transfusion in Prague. And the list does not stop there, where among the a long list of career highlights he's also rocked the world.

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How do you pick the tracks?

A month or so before actually starting on the compilation, it’s all about collecting new material. New label signings, tracks just finished by fellow producers or tracks that just came out and really blew you away – you bring all of that together and then select approximately 20-30 tracks that are the best out of everything. After that you need to get the mix down. To me it’s important the mix flows really well, and transitions need to be as seamless as possible. Eventually you end up using maybe 15-20 tracks from the ones that you had originally picked. It’s tough to drop other songs as you probably really wanted to use those too, but there’s just no room for it. But when the mix is done and it sounds good, you know it was worth it.

Your Just For Now EP came out just six weeks before Kinetica. Were two EPs always the plan or did you just have too much material for one?

I’ve had a lot of unreleased music so two EPs made sense. The track “Just For Now” is about two years old. The intro to the EP is a year and half old too. I actually played it at ASOT 600.

Was there a theme that you wanted to have for your respective disc?

Not necessarily a specific "theme," though I think my disc represents my sound and the music I like really well. There’s melodic songs, and tracks that focus on bass or incredible arrangement; there's a bit of everything, but they all have a sound to them that really appeals to me.

Can you describe the kind of equipment and software you have?

I recently bought Native Instrument’s Komplete Ultimate bundle, which is a great addition to the software I already had. I have a really, really basic setup and mostly produce on my Pioneer HDJ2000 headphones. Some of my favourite plugins are Sylenth1, Massive, Razor, Harmor, Zebra 2 and z3ta. For effects I really like all the FabFilter products.

Top 3 tracks that you would like to remix them in your current Juventa style?

Arty’s ‘Twilight Tonight’,
Willem de Roo – Datamoon and
Audien’s ‘Keep This Memory’.


"The preparation for a compilation is a lot more time-consuming, but just as satisfying as a great live set when you get it to flow well."


Do you think people still underestimate you because you’re only 20, even though you’ve been around for years?

Sometimes there are still people who call me kiddo and treat me like a teenager. But there are others who respect the fact that I’m younger than a lot of artists. Martin Garrix is younger than me, and I’m sure no one treats him like he’s 18. They treat him like he’s one of the top producers in the world.

How did you get chosen to work on a project Enhanced Sessions?

I’ve been a part of the Enhanced label for years now. I grew from being a newcomer to being one of its household names, and I think that made them decide to let me have the honor of mixing the newest Enhanced Sessions compilation. I just hope this won’t be the last one I get to work on.

Speaking of evolving, what do you say to people who get mad at artists for not sticking to the music that made them famous?

I wouldn’t say anything to them, not anymore. I’ve spent all my effort into telling people they’re wrong or shouldn’t be so hard on artists. I guess it’s something that you have to get used to. I remember being one of those people when I first got into electronic music and trance was everything I listened to and made. And I too got pretty pissed for example, when Tiesto changed his sound, and I was like, ‘what are you doing?!’ Though looking back now, I can see why he did it. If he had stuck to trance he would have been a completely different guy and not the same Tiesto he is nowadays. Artists make these changes for a reason and usually people don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Not to say those people are stupid or dumb, they just haven’t been apart of the process. It’s a little harsh to make those comments.

From the clubs you have performed at so far, which performance stands out most?

Lucky Festival and Foundation Nightclub, both in Seattle, World DJ Festival in Seoul and ASOT 600 in Den Bosch were definitely stand out shows! In the future I would love to play a festival like Ultra, EDC, Tomorrowland or EZoo. I also haven’t played in a club on Ibiza yet – that’s on my wish list too.

What is your dream gig?

For a very long time I thought playing Ultra or Electric Zoo would be the dream performance and it’s still up there as one of my goals. Based on the music I like lately and what I’ve been working on, it would be cool to do something completely different, either as Juventa or maybe even a new name. But I would want to do something like Porter Robinson’s Worlds Tour where there’s so much detail in the visuals and every aspect of the show. He played here in Amsterdam and it felt like watching a movie for an hour and half; when it was over I immediately wanted to watch it all over again.


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