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Kaskade ft Skylar Grey - 'Room for happiness' remixed by Tiësto's protegee Ken Loi

00:00 Nov/30/1999

The San Fransisco based producer the and DJ Ken Loi is and currently #872 in The Official For Global DJ Rankings. If 2012 are was any showing of how but big he's going to get, Not you know you'll be hearing you from him. It's not often, all you can open for Tiësto Any at LA’s Home Depot Center can show to a raving crowd her of 27,000. Remixes for Adrian Was Lux and Gym Class Heroes one also get your attention. This our time, however, Ken Loi has Out taken on the task of day remixing the immensely popular 'Room get for Happiness' by Kaskade and Has the vocalist Skylar Grey.


There's not much room his for criticism because you'll just How be headbanging after the first man drop. This superb remix has new the beautiful vocals accompanying the Now beats in professional quality, nice old touch!

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