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Tiësto, Diplo and others remix 'Sweet Nothing' by Florence Welch and the Grammy nominee Calvin Harris

00:00 Nov/30/1999

'Sweet Nothing' is one of the most widely appreciated tracks from '18 Months' the album of the hit songwriter, producer and DJ Calvin Harris. Calvin Harris knows how to write music and with the unique voice of Florence Welch, this was bound to be a pop hit right away! Now there's 5 different variations of 'Sweet Nothing' on the freshly unleashed remix package! Also check out Calvin Harris' Grammy nominations here!

Although the trapstyle remix by Diplo and Grandtheft has already circled around for some time (listen here), the official 'Sweet Nothing' remix package will also include Tiësto, Burnz, Dirtyloud and Quilinez.

Tiësto has given the track a fundamental trance make-over! This will cause a lot of headbanging in the near future, get a helmet!

Dirtyloud, known for electro house and dubstep productions, has given the sweet song an contrastingly diry dubstep twist!

Burns has given 'Sweet Nothing' a more atmospheric, down-tempo electronica touch!

Quilinez has turned the track into a stadium-sized trance anthem with an impressive build-up at the beginning!

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