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Premiere: Archie Hamilton 'Mind Blank'

15:21 Jul/07/2015

The Ibiza season has just about hit the halfway mark and one name we've seen crop up more than most is Archie Hamilton's.The London producer has released on imprints like Fear of Flying, Fasten Musique Concrete and Rompecorazones, as well as running his own labels Moscow Records and Moss Co.

It's safe to say he's an in-demand selector and he's all over Ibiza at the moment. As a regular fixture at the Fuse nights both on and off the island, and with his own night called Arkityp starting at Balearic hotspot Underground, Hamilton's going in, hard.

His latest release comes via Fuse and it's a techy roller fit for the terraces. 'Mind Blank ' is a cut that comes packed with an abundance of groove, a shed-load of super tight percussion and warm low-end bass hits.

This is another sterling release for the label and high-flying Archie. Watch this space.

The 'Works On Sunday' EP by Archie Hamilton drops on July 13, his night at Underground, Arkityp, starts tonight, more info here


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