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'Don't be afraid of the dark' - Nokia and deadmau5 will light up the night!

00:00 Nov/30/1999

About a year ago, in November 2012, Nokia organized an impressive spectacle to promote their launch of Nokia Lumia 800. For this, they used Millbank, a 118 metre skyscraper in London. The building’s 800 windows were lit up for the Lumia 800 – a stylish move by Nokia. Each of the building’s windows were covered with special plastic coating, while 16 top notch projectors were placed on the other side of the river. The state of the art light show had the skyscraper twisting and collapsing while deadmau5 played a jacking live set at the foot of the tower.

The crowds were amazed by the show, Nokia’s campaign featuring deadmau5 – a huge success. Now, it’s back! Check out the freshly released teaser below! It doesn’t say much, but it gives way for excitement saying:

’Don’t be afraid of the dark. 28.11.2012. Facebook.com/nokia.uk. #Switch.’

Seems that Nokia have something cool planned with Deadmau5 again. Luckily the wait is over in a week. Meanwhile, watch the videos of the first spectacle and the teaser!

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